Monday, 22 April 2013

Outdoor work today

All set for a morning at the allotment. My essential kit includes seeds, gloves for cutting those pesky gooseberry bushes, snacks, and a flask of hot chocolate.

We sowed carrots, beetroot, spinach and french beans. Now I am not saying they are in straight rows, Little M was sprinkling them everywhere but they are in the ground at least.

We stopped for a snack break and then attacked the gooseberry bushes which felt  awful because some of the stems I cut off had flowers on and I knew I was throwing away gooseberries but it was so difficult to pick them last year when the bush had become so large that needs must.

We pootled around for a bit longer watering and getting a few more weeds out. It was a job well done.
Last night, early evening, the children rushed to the window to see this:

Rainbows always make me happy and the children had never seen a whole one with such vivid colours.

GRrr! raindrop on my lens. Happy Monday. Chat soon Jo x




  1. So now you and your little one can look forward to new life springing forth very soon - so gratifying isn't it.
    I love rainbows too - our area here in Western Australia is often referred to as the Rainbow Coast because we are blessed with so many of them. Of course that also says that we have rain, and do we have rain!!! I never tire of seeing rainbow though.
    Thank you for sharing your sweet post. Joy xx

  2. Gardening is so rewarding for little children! The houses where you live are so beautiful :)

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments. The Rainbow coast sounds so evocative to me, we revel in one when we see them here. All the houses around us are old and it is important to not get complacent about the pretty town we live in. Jo xx