Monday, 8 April 2013

Dancing crochet

I have finally plucked up the courage to photograph myself wearing my handmade Tribal outfit. I went to a dance night last Saturday and asked the youngster on the door to photograph me so not my photos but just enough for you to see the crochet.

This is the bra top which was embellished with my finds at the craft show and a few cowry shells I found in the bottom of my sewing basket recycled from the bottom of a pair of very hippie trousers I used to wear 15 years ago. I wear a long sleeved top under the bra top, I like to feel safe while I am wiggling!

The hip scarf is embellished with tassels I made from a silky yarn called NEXT edition from Hayfield with wooden beads from a broken necklace. They are quite uncomfortable when you sit in the car driving in them.


And some of my lovely fellow dancers from the tribe all ready to dance, well we are eating crisps and drinking wine which is our general preparation to dancing in front of a crowd!

Stay happy. Jo xx

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