Thursday, 11 April 2013

Savour the Colour

Ooooh! the colour. Imagine a dress in this colour. This is the last of our blackberry wine from last year and we are savouring the final glasses before we get some more fruit gluts to make some more.

I have been making wine, like my nan, since I was 18 and some have been more successful than others but my oh my, this was a good one. The wine retained the fruity taste of blackberries and cleared really well. It was strong but all you need is one little glass full every now and then through the winter months to remind you that summer will always return.


So one little glass of summer memory and a little sit and crochet I think. Jo x

PS: I asked bloke if the pumpkin wine had cleared when he went into the cellar last night and he said the only thing that it will clear would be the drains! Some you win, some you lose...



  1. looks delicious Jo - might check my blackberry wine out at the weekend. how long do you leave yours to mature? I've had mine laid down for a couple of years now.

  2. I am far too impatient! Yours should be great. We just keep checking it until it tastes OK and has cleared. We used to bottle it but now we just syphon it out of the demijohn into a little jug when we want tipple! you should wait a year really. Would love to hear how it goes on one of your posts. Jo x