Sunday, 28 April 2013

Hooray! a basket

I could show you lots of photos of the basket in the making but it all seems like such a blur today and my thumbs are so sore just typing. I can't remember all the terms and names for the moves etc. So here is the finished basket.

It is so strong and substantial, it will last a life time. I also photographed some of Jenny's baskets to show you her work, it is simply immaculate. She has been making baskets for 27 years.

Jenny Crisp is based in Leominster and does workshops from her home as well as commissions. Aren't they just fabulous?

I am so tired from concentrating for two days, I will leave you with a picture of Acton Scott Estate house where the historic farm is open to the public in the grounds.

Hot bath and bed calling. Jo xx


  1. You clever thing - that is really something to be proud of. Your sore thumbs will be a badge of honour for the next few days! Jane x

  2. Bravo, Jo! I have a little collection of baskets I keep my various yarn projects in, but I have made none of the baskets, and so admire the skill and artistry of those who have made them. I have started crocheting a little basket but need to get on with finishing it. You inspire me!

  3. Thanks all, my hands feel a little bit more like my own today! Jo xx

  4. Oh ny gosh, this is a magnificent basket! You are clever; it looks really sturdy and beautifully made.

  5. Wow Jo, that is such a well-made basket but I'm not surprised your thumbs are sore after handling such a strong material! You've done a great job and I hope your hands soon recover. Joy xx