Sunday, 7 April 2013

I've waited long enough...

I have waited long enough to get going with the veg plot. The ground is still too wet to go on but the onions should have been in ages ago as well as the potatoes.

Today I broke out a new tool (was supposed to be for Bloke's birthday but needs must!) and it was brilliant.

It makes little paper pots so I thought that if I could get the onions going in pots they could go straight in the ground and the paper would rot away and I would not disturb the roots. I had helpers of course and at one point we had quite a bit of a production line going.

There were squeals of delight and phrases like "this is so much fun" "How many have you done?" etc.
They did 40 then they were starting to ask for hot chocolate and left over Easter eggs and I did the last few myself but they were a great help.

Little M's hair always looks like this! but it didn't matter when she was getting dirty and enjoying herself.

So one job done. 99 more to go. Happy gardening. Jo xx
Edit: Just because they were doing it and it made me laugh, my goodness they have waited a long time for some sunshine.

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  1. Good work! You are ahead of us, but I think we are just putting in a few tomato plants and some flowers this year and have to wait until it warms up a bit for those. The sunglasses are encouraging :)