Sunday, 21 April 2013

Coffee Break

My crochet group are learning double crochet this week and I wanted to show that if you can make a square of double crochet you can make lots of things - a purse, glasses case, phone cover, dishcloth, pot holder etc.

I made this to use in the next class.

This is the best cafetiere ever to make a cosy for because the handle breaks at the bottom so it is just a square of double crochet joined at the side and slipped onto the body. It is covered in chain flowers which the group learnt last week.
They are not massively sophisticated but I needed something that people could take home in their hand which only involved chain and slip stitch. I will pop a tutorial on the sidebar soon as some of you may find it useful if you have taught your children to crochet or if you teach beginners. 
Happy Sunday! Jo x 


  1. Thanks. Welcome to my blog Carolyn. Jo x

  2. What a lovely little cosy! Such a pretty colour too.
    M x

  3. Awesome beginner project Jo!

  4. Lovely idea for a beginner's project Jo - very encouraging for them to produce something early on in their learning experience. Joy x

  5. Que linda cafetera para realizar servicios de coffee Break muy original