Saturday, 20 April 2013

More pink

Look at the lovely colour of these rhubarb stems Bloke collected from the allotment today. Lime green and bright pink. He put a black bin over the plant about 4 weeks ago and hey presto bright pink sweet rhubarb.


We ate it warm on ice cream with ginger nut biscuits bashed up on the top and the family went quiet while we ate it. Little M and Bloke planted three rows of potatoes and I am going to have a go at sowing more seeds in the greenhouse this weekend. I love growing and eating our own stuff - it feels just great.

What are you growing? Jo x


  1. It looks gorgeous - almost too good to eat. I'm off into the garden to get some seeds planted and make grand plans for some veg. Have a lovely weekend x Jane

  2. Rhubarb looks gorgeous, I love the pretty pink colour. I have a craving for rhubarb crumble now...
    M x

  3. Lovely rhubarb! We have various flower seeds in paper cups in the furnace room under a grow light. Also, I am especially excited because last fall I brought in two geranium plants and have managed to keep them alive all winter AND I just noted that they have some flower buds on them :-) Happy gardening!

  4. Beautiful looking rhubarb Jo and I bet it was delicious with ice-cream, yum!
    That's a lovely top your little is wearing - did you make it?
    Gosh you do keep yourself busy with such a variety of lovely activities Jo! Keep up the good work!
    Joy xx