Monday, 11 March 2013

The back only

My 'turtle' vest is nearing completion. I need to sew in the ends and decide how to secure the front fastenings but here is the back.

On reflection I am not sure that my bum needs a great big ring drawing around it but Hey Ho, it's my bum and I made it! I went shopping to get a top to go underneath it but I was not successful today, Little M was wanting hot chocolate and different coloured leggings so I will keep my eyes peeled for the perfect partner for it.

I used 7 50g balls of  Debbie Bliss Eco aran in Pear MC, then 1 50g ball of lime green and 1 50g ball of lilac. It does have a sort of lavender palette about it and I like the colours. I used a 5mm hook. The pattern does come with a bit of a health warning, the translation is tricky in places and there are no stitch/space counts so you can't check where you are going wrong. I think I would have another go at one again next year when I have gathered enough multi-coloured stash because I enjoyed the way it came along quickly with different patterned rounds - it was interesting crochet if that makes sense. I can then make the back section a bit smaller which I ended up doing a little too big.

I will get some more photos of the front when I am not relying on a three year old or the self timer to take them in bad light conditions.

Happy hooking whatever you are grappling with. Jo xx

Edit: I went downstairs after writing this post thinking Little M is quiet, she has not bothered me while I am on the computer - What is she up to?

Asleep and snoring on a freezing cold kitchen floor! How tired do you have to be to do that?!!


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  1. Wow your vest is really cool Jo! Love your version of the pattern and the colours. Super speedy work too!
    Your photographer must have worn herself out with the photoshoot!
    Ali x