Thursday, 21 March 2013

Now the Front

I have bought tickets for the craft show at NEC Birmingham on Sunday with my Mum and my Aunt and I thought I should be wearing something suitably hand-crafted so I finished off the 'Turtle vest'. I was not sure how to finish this garment at the front but it needed pulling in a bit otherwise the back was flapping about and not making the circle shape so I went for five buttons - not my favourite buttons, I must say but I am happy to change them when I find some heart-stopping ones on Sunday at the show!

It is very dark and dank here at the moment and I am on my own today (my photographer is at toddler playgroup with my Mum!) but I tried my best in the conditions.

I thought it would feel heavy in cotton aran but it feels really comfortable.I just need to find the perfect top to go underneath now. Thanks for looking. Jo x
Edit: If this is your first peek check out the back here

1 comment:

  1. Looks cool from both directions Jo!
    Have fun at the show - looking forward to seeing your finds!