Tuesday, 12 March 2013

On the look out again

I am on the look out for a new project. I am being made redundant at the end of August so I am trying to think what I am going to do. Mmmm! I have advertised to teach some crochet lessons and I have a few willing fans so I am trying out different projects to find easy ones.

I liked this scarf:

I thought that this was a good way to start practising chain stitch over and over again but actually have an item at the end of your efforts. It is chunky and people could see how to hold the yarn and hook in their initial attempts. What do you think?

Here is a little secret, I have coaxed Bloke into letting me teach him how to crochet so that I can see what common errors I might come up with which I can iron out before the lessons start. He is left handed so it felt like the ultimate challenge to me. He was good but forgot to use his none hook hand to grip the work so it was flapping about a bit nonetheless he managed a row of chains in irregular sizes after only 15 mins.

I also liked this from Little Things Blogged:

Thought that would be simple too and could be a case for a phone, glasses, a recorder or a purse. I like the bright with the grey, it reminds me of a hat from last week at one of my favourite blogs Cozy Things.

I need to put up lots of my posters to attract more people into the wonderful world of yarn and hopefully I can teach enough lessons to keep me in new wool!

If you have tried teaching crochet/knitting before I would love to hear how you have got on. Let me know. Jo xx

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  1. Sorry to hear you are being made redundant - but a great opportunity to plan ahead and sounds like you are well on the way to a new start!
    Love your initial ideas.
    Fab that you have a willing volunteer to practice on or should that be with?!
    As a fairly new crocheter I am still experimenting - I like making bracelets as quick and easy projects - there are loads of patterns out there but I enjoyed playing around and making my own too. Great for gifts...
    Have fun planning and promoting!