Friday, 8 March 2013

Stash Buster

I made reference to not having any left over stash to make the beautiful vest here. This is because last Autumn I had a complete declutter and used every last colour left in my basket (and scavenged some from my mother) to make this:

The purpose of the blanket was to get rid of everything in my basket so that I could buy something new. I hate the feeling of looking in the wool basket for inspiration only to feel disappointed becasue it is full of bits that are not enough to complete anything. I also had quite a lot of random bits given to me from passed away relatives which are not always what you want to put your heart and soul into.

There is actually a colour pattern going on with diagonal stripes of colour collections which I enjoyed putting together.

I love looking at it becasue it is a bit of a memory blanket for me comprising all of the ball ends left over from little jumpers, cardigans and vests that I have made for the girls that they no longer fit into.

I particularly liked the green palette but I think you might be noticing that my favourite colour is green - the green favourite jumper, the green choice for the vest etc. The girls like to snuggle up under the blanket on an afternoon when I won't put the heating on!
The vest is going seriously off-piste but I am enjoying making up the shape and pattern as I go along. I held it up to my back last night and was 'encouraged' by the man of the house with the comment that I looked like a giant turtle from the back!! Well I love making it and it feels like one of those items that could either be brilliant and bespoke or really a bit strange.... we will have to wait and see.

Happy Hooky. Jo xx



  1. What a beautiful blanket Jo and how great that it is full of memories too. Sounds like it will create its own history as your family use and love it!
    Ali x

  2. Jo, that is fabulous!! Well done on busting that stash, what an inspiration you are! :) xx

  3. Mum and I are going to the stitch show next week so I can shop guilt free! Jo x