Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Found it

I've found it....

I have been floundering around looking for my next project which is weird because I normally have so many WIP's that I don't know what to do next but of late I have ordered yarn , tried stuff out and not found the right material for the right job. Then I saw this and thought of our holiday booked in Lyme Regis by the sea and camping trips to come in the summer and fell in love instantly. I don't have much stash left over, I tend to use stuff up as I go, so mine will look a little different but last night I set to work. Want to see?

Well you will have to wait until tomorrow because I have been at work today and I have fell into the trap of blogging in the evening so I can't take any decent photos!! I will set to it working a few more rounds ready for tomorrow.

LUL's Flower Power Vest by Lene Unmack Larsen
Find it here It is a free pattern but when you load the PDF the first pages are in Danish (bit scary) but if you scroll down to about page 5 it starts again in English. The translation is a bit tricky in some places but much better than my Danish!

glad strikning og farvel for nu! Jo xx


  1. Wow thats a fabulous vest sooo looking forward to seeing your colourful version!

  2. Want! Waaaant! Oh, how I want that vest. It just jumped to the top of my list. :)

  3. I knew you would like it - pattern translation is tricky and I am slipping into serious improv. but nevermind. x