Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Knitting night

Tonight at knitting night we were mostly in good spirits chatting about current projects, things we had seen or heard on the television and radio and generally chatting the night away with various types of refreshment.

Mine is the long ginger wine, I have got a real taste for it since Christmas. The petite fours were rich and delicious - and they weren't even mine! There was some rich colours in the knitting and crochet too.

We have a bit of show and tell, parenting chit chat and general funny stories of the last fortnight but there is no plan, it just flows along with talk and laughter.

There was my table runner (yes, that's what it eventually turned into) a new dishcloth, very neat socks and a Debbie Bliss cardigan on the go. Two of us, including me, are searching for the perfect project which will pop up soon I am sure. Trying really hard to get stuck into something woolly...

Jo xx


  1. looks like a fun night!

    Nikki x

  2. They are always a tonic with lots of laughter. Bra fitting being this week's hilarious tell all!