Friday, 29 March 2013

Hooray! Stripy Hoody

Hooray! the stripy Hoody is finished (you would not believe how many forums there are on the word stripy or stripey!) I put it at the end of her bed this morning as a surprise and gettting her dressed this morning was surprisingly easy.

So, quite pleased then...

She even ate her breakfast wearing the hood to perfect this fuzzy hair...then it started to get a bit cold!
I know other people on more beautiful blogs get that lovely staged photo thing going on but it was 8am with an excited girl who would not stand still so I could not get her to stand where there was not a car, milk bottles, garden fork or general garden flotsam in the background so my humble creative apologies.
It is not very often you make a jumper out of left overs from a hat - it is normally the other way round but this is what I had already made..

I bought 8 balls of this yarn Sirdar Recycled DK  because Big Sis does not like wool on her forehead so cotton has been much more of a success this winter. She wanted matching hat, scarf and handbag which I then had to do for Little M too. The jumper took just over one ball of each colour because I only knit size 1-2 years because she is so small.  

Love to hear your comments as ever, stay tuned in. Jo xx



  1. So cute - both the jumper and the hat and the little person wearing them. Nice to 'meet' you Jo x

  2. I love it - it is fabulous, lovely colours too! Am so jealous you can knit, I have to learn!

    Nikki x

  3. Thank you both. I enjoyed making it and I love seeing her wear it. Jo xx