Wednesday, 2 October 2013

I love/hate this basket

I know you all love a good basket. Check out Lazy Daisy for her wonderful array of coloured baskets. Real eye candy but here is my favourite basket.

I asked for it one Christmas because living in a three storey house always means that tiny things keep migrating downstairs in little piles everywhere so when I see something that needs to go upstairs one or two levels I pop it in the basket. It is a great system, if you keep on top of it but just recently the basket has become totally full. What of you may wonder?...

This lot. Look closer at this colourful array of items

A swimming badge I have neglected to sew on, the cotton and thread I was going to do it with, my camera tripod which I have been looking for for ages, Tayla piping bag nozzles I was going to put on ebay, hair bands/bobbles/clips, vouchers for freebies I never got round to getting, children's necklaces from dressing up sessions.....

Ribbon my aunt bought kindly for me, a broken necklace needing the jewellery pliers from upstairs, a knitted sleeve for my patch jumper which I was doing outside one day because it was warm, pegs for the laundry cupboard in the bathroom, poor little kitty stuffed in all that debris...
Comb, hand gel for when my hands are hot crocheting (nice tip Lazy Daisy) a sock from a Lola doll, my split camera case that needs repairing, my crochet designing notebook which has the pattern for that hat I am supposed to writing out for you ladies, a pin tin and I am so sorry but Kitty in an uncompromising position again.
Are you exhausted but slightly amused.
Well, that is my life in a basket!!!

Sorry Kitty. Jo xxx


  1. Your basket looks like all of mine Jo - I spend ages sorting them out only to fill them up again! It is sometimes fun as I find things I have lost and have been looking for.......a great post Jo, made me smile and feel better as I thought it was only me that did this. Have a fabulous week and weekend.
    Lots of love

  2. You may be happy to know that you are not alone - my stair basket, which I felt so clever for buying for the same reasons as you, now sits in my bedroom filled with similar stuff...Chrissie x

  3. Tee hee - my stair basket on the other hand, just sits at the bottom of the stairs trying to look pretty, moving only to be hoovered under when I'm doing the stairs! I prefer your version - it's much more wonderful :-)

  4. Good show Jo - it's an ordinary everyday family basket and we all need something to put 'things' in - our home is on one level so we don't have a problem with stairs, but we have a couple of drawers that seem to collect a lot of bits that can't seem to find their way home!
    I enjoyed reading about your basket - and I'm so glad you rescued Kitty before she got herself 'into trouble'!!!
    Hugs, Joy xo

  5. you should see my muddle drawer(s) - full of rubbish!

  6. I have a crafting basket that is very much like this I just keep chucking stuff in it, maybe it's time for a sort out.
    Clare x

  7. I can completely see the love/hate relationship here. I have been so keen to buy one of these for years, but everytime I am tempted I remind myself that it will be just clutter up another area of the house and create another area that I will need to declutter at some point. xo