Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Summer memories

I have been trying to catch up on my scrapbooking this week. I started this craft six years ago when my teaching assistant at school introduced me to it. We had a great time going to crop classes, chatting and eating biscuits. I used to take Big Sis when she was in a car seat and I could even cradle her and still cut out!

I don't go to classes anymore or teach at that school anymore but I still love crafting up all of our memories to keep our albums up to date. I have seven 12x12 albums.
It is lovely on a rainy cold day to look back on all our summer memories and add little journal tags to remind ourselves where we were, what we were doing and in a very British way; what the weather was like.

The girls have really good memories of places they have been and it always surprises me when they can recall things from such a young age or from so long ago but the photos really help them.
They can say "Do you remember when we went to (Place) and I wore my green jumper!?" or "I saw one of those at that national trust with a weather vane on the roof" or other such tiny details that I have even missed myself.

But most of all, I love their faces, feelings and emotions in the pictures. Every one tells me a story as if I wasn't even there.
I LOve, LoVe, LovE scrapbooking. Jo xxx 


  1. Those will be absolute treasures in years to come! Well done you for making such marvellous keepsakes, Chrissie x

  2. They look really nice, Jo. I haven't done much scrapbooking because I feel I don't have a good eye for it but I love to look at other people's scrapbooks.

  3. For seven years I was a Creative Memories consultant. Among the albums I completed are albums for each of my children. As adults they appreciate glimpses of their lives and journal entries that help them remember some details. I completed the albums after they were adults, but am excited for you, Jo, that you are compiling your albums while your children are growing...which will present a more lively perspective, I imagine :) Cheers for you!
    Gracie xx

    1. What a brilliant job you had Gracie. Some of the other scrappers who had older children always said to me 'I wish I was scrapbooking when the children were younger rather than in retrospect' and I think you have hit on the same thing. It feels really alive when you journal as it happens. Thanks Gracie for a great response to my post. Jo x

  4. Hi Jo these are just so fabulous - I first noticed scrapbooking many years ago in USA where they had been wonderful shops with massive workshops at the back - everyone was working away and I just wanted to get involved - made a few when I came back and loved doing it as it is so relaxing. However time and work wait for no man and like you I struggle fitting everything in - I love what you have done, they are so precious and will be loved for a long time to come. A lovely post as always Jo, thanks so much and have a wonderful weekend
    Big hugs

  5. Your books look so special, full of those beautifully embellished pages and pretty photos! Scrapbooking is I think the only craft I've never tried. Maybe one day I'll pull out all those photo boxes I have hidden in the closet and get something nice together. It really is such a lovely way to look back and remember. xoxo