Thursday, 3 October 2013

Hooray! cord skirt

I am getting a bit obsessed with corduroy at the moment. I have worked really hard to make a skirt for Big Sis that had a few challenging techniques to up my dressmaking skills. I could have made an elasticated waist quickie skirt but I wanted to try something new.

The pattern is, as ever, from Ottobre magazine. She chose the pattern and I thought it would be a good one to learn how to make because it is such a fashion classic.

I perfected my two rows of topstitching around the pockets and on every seam.

I put the zip in three times. Finally, I followed a tutorial here for a zip fly that made it all look so easy.

I can't get her to model it because it is way too big and I have added it to the little stash of clothes I am making for when she is older but I would definitely do another one. It won't lie flat for a photo because it has a back yoke that gives it some bum shaping and it really be frank..a bum in it to show how it fits.

I hope you don't tire of this £3 fabric, I still have lots left! The top is pretty funky too so I might give that a go next.

I am really enjoying sewing at the moment now that I have stopped expecting myself to complete something in one go, it is so much more rewarding and relaxing learning a new technique each time I spend an hour at the machine.

One happy lady and one happy little girl. Jo xx


  1. Another terrific wardrobe addition! Great skirt, I bet she can't wait for a growth spurt! And I won't tire of that fabric, it is lovely. Chrissie x

  2. I still love that material, so I won't get tired of seeing more creations. Can't wait to see it with a bum in it!!

  3. Jo this is fabulous and well done you for the top stitching as I cannot stitch in a straight line so no sewing bee for me! I actually bought one of the magazines Jo but found the pattern very confusing as the lines were all over the place - I know that you found the same but you made such a brilliant job out of the cutting and making up. I am enjoying sewing as well but still feel that I need to be completing things to show on the blog so I think I need to relax a bit more and just do little and often. Sewing and crochet are the things I want to learn as I know I am ok to an extent with knitting. Love reading your blog Jo as you are always interesting and make me smile and be happy. Have a great day and weekend
    Lots of love

    1. I found that if I used a highlighter pen over the lines I wanted then when I put the tracing paper over the top I could see it better, but it is quite time consuming. On the plus side you can whip up another one of something really quickly at a later date. x

  4. Sooo loving cord at the moment too, it's just perfect for this autumnal/wintery season! And that's lovely fabric, so no, I for one wont tire of seeing what all you're doing with it. The skirt is just fab - well done you :-)

  5. It looks really great! Nice job.

  6. It's a gorgeous wee skirt and the fabric is fab.
    Marianne x

  7. Good progress, Jo! I like hearing about your process to complete the project...breaking up the task into smaller sessions...and putting in the zipper THREE times! BRAVO!!! (I'm not tired of the material yet :)
    Gracie xx

  8. Well done Jo - you like challenges and you always meet them, and beat them! It's a very pretty skirt and I like the fabric muchly - and that little top is such a lovely shape your little Big Sis will look gorgeous outfitted in the two.
    Joy xo

  9. I love corduroy too, and this will be the perfect little winter skirt! I really like how you make the best use of the magazine :)