Sunday, 20 October 2013

Hooray! Owl tunic.

Bloke has taken the girls to see their gran and I said I would stay and clean up the house (much neglect gone on here!) but I did the girls room, moved next door to the spare room and there on the ironing board was a top just needing the sleeves and a hem... now I am on the computer... oh dear!

Anyway here it is.

Not great photos I'm afraid on such a gloomy day but you get the idea.

I still have loads of these owls cut out from this project here so I chose one for the pocket. My blanket stitch is getting a lot neater the more I do it.

Such a useful top I think. Leggings and a long sleeve T-shirt are all that is needed for a cosy, comfy girls outfit. The fabric choice is a bit drab but it was free from my house clearance mate so it was a good way to test out the pattern. 
 Would I make another one? You bet your life I will. I will choose some fun, funky and out there fabric next time.
I had a few questions and I thought I should take the trouble to answer them (that or go and hoover anyway!)
The tracing paper I use is from amazon here great quality so much better than the tissue paper you get in commercial patterns. It is really wide so no joining is required. You can fold it and it doesn't stress on the creases. A good investment.
OK so tracing one of these crazy patterns...I use a highlighter pen to go over the lines of the size I want so that I can see it clearly through the tracing paper. Then when I want something else off that sheet I use a different colour highlighter so that I don't stray onto a previously drawn line. This is what the patterns look like.
I have tried for many years to sew things and they have always looked a bit hand-made but with this Ottobre magazine every item I have made has looked really professional.
Oh no! They're back... Ah well at least I can get a model even if she has wet hair! Oh woe, the gloom of the light today.
It is a bit big but I made the next size up as we are OK for clothes at the moment, the hand-me-down community of my mates is still going strong - but for next Autumn - Perfect.
Keep crafting everyone. Jo x


  1. Wow Jo you are one amazing lady - I love this tunic and would love to make two for my granddaughters, I am going to get the magazine out again and have a look at the patterns, I was very overwhelmed by them when I first got them and put them away. You are such an inspiration to me Jo honestly you are - you have such energy and drive and I really admire you. Well done on a fantastic outcome - love the blanket stitch by the way, I am trying to perfect mine still!
    Lots of love

  2. Hooray for you! That is such a cute tunic - I actually like the brown fabric, I think it's very autumnal, quite on trend, and you can wear so many different colours underneath! The owl is just darling, your gal must be thrilled! Chrissie x

  3. Wow this is super cute and perfect for Autumn time
    Clare x

  4. What a cute little top, you're so clever, and your stitches look super neat :) xx

  5. That's a useful tip about the highlighter when tracing patterns. I buy good dressmaking tracing paper and agree it is much better than what comes in a pattern packet.

  6. Beautiful, and I love the little owl on the pocket. It would be great anyway, but the owl just takes it to the next level!

  7. What a lovely little tunic! The appliqué owl looks great on the pocket too.
    Marianne x

  8. It's adorable. I like it a little big, she can grow into it and wear it for a long time.

  9. Cute and better to be a bit big than a bit small :-) I still think I'd struggle with tracing my own patterns, even if you do make it sound so simple :-)

  10. Cute, comfortable, and yes, very professional in my estimation, Jo. Thanks for posting!
    I finished the baby blanket cocoon and am now working on crocheting the matching hat :)
    Gracie xx

  11. A fab tunic Jo!! Love the colour and the sweet owl. Don't you just love it when for tidying ends up as sewing, it tends to happen often over here xoxo

  12. Thanks for the info re tracing paper etc.
    The tunic looks fab and the Owl is so cute. And, yes your blanket Stitch has come on in leaps and bounds (I checked back ;0)

  13. I love this! It's gorgeous and the owl motif is perfect. x