Sunday, 25 August 2013

Crafty threading

My girls have enjoyed making something everyday as much as me I think this holiday. They have found craft kits from Christmas and many birthdays as we have de-cluttered the house this holiday. Today they had a go with the FAB FELT machine. I didn't have high hopes. These sort of things usually give great promise on the box but never quite deliver without massive adult intervention but this little machine is truly FAB.(at the top of the picture there)

We had a little jewellery making session today. Big Sis made felt balls and Little M threaded coloured beads.
She made the felt balls with the said FAB FELT machine and they looked really professional.
Might have to have a little play with that when she has gone
to bed later! Jo x


  1. Those are so cute. I really want to try making felted balls. There is so much you can do with them.

  2. Jo these are just gorgeous, would love to get my granddaughters one of these - do you know if they are still available - your little sweeties obviously take after you Jo - highly talented and lovely to look at.
    A great post as always, lots of love

  3. My "sadness" is that though my daughter is arty and imaginative, she isn't interested in crafts. I try to encourage her and she loves looking at what I make, so maybe one day......Yours have started young. Well done.

  4. How lovely! I'm going to have to track down that kit, looks like fun! Love the necklace...Chrissie x

  5. Hi all. For those interested, here is the enormous link for one of the little winding felt machines here Jo x

  6. Oh my!!!!! I need to get that little machine for my beans!!! Thank you for sharing this Jo!!!! I have a big upcoming party for my kids and they love to decorate with me!!! How cute are those sweet girls!!! Have a great week!!!

  7. What a fantastic little machine that is Jo and haven't your lovely girls done so well - gosh you are such a patient Mum!
    I have just nominated you for a Liebster Award Jo, so will you take a look at the post I've just put up please!
    Joy xo

  8. looks like they had a great day!

  9. How lovely, catching them young with the craft bug.
    S xx

  10. Oh what fun, and what adorable little girls you have! I have boys...big guys now, so there wasn't any crafty girlie stuff happening in my house. They did a great job with their Fab Felt machine...a really great job!!! Nice to meet you Jo! :)