Monday, 12 August 2013

Half Given, Half Grown

One of the great things about coming back from holidays is rushing up to the allotment to see what has grown while we have been away.
I was also given these courgettes and a marrow by my auntie and found six cabbages on my doorstep when we arrived back from a mystery friend!
We added our first few courgettes to the basket as well as brilliant beetroot and perfect potatoes. The beans were a little on the light side but more will come soon.
A fellow allotment friend said we could pick what we wanted from his blackcurrant bushes which was really loaded down.

We also cut a bundle of new young rhubarb from our ever expanding plant, cooked it and froze it for winter crumbles.

I made a courgette cake which was divine especially because I had an extra large slice which I shared with my mum as we caught up on our week apart.

 What are you picking or eating this week?
Jo x


  1. It's so nice that you are sharing your harvest with family and friends, and vice versa. We have picked cherry tomatoes and green beans this week.

  2. I'm new to reading your blog and have very much enjoyed reading it. Courgette cake sounds very interesting, I've never come across this before, are you able to provide a link to the recipe or tell me which book I can find it in? Liz

    1. No Problem, I will post my version tomorrow although you can get one from Nigella Lawson in the book Domestic Goddess. It has the texture of carrot cake but with courgette and lime zest. Jo x

    2. Thanks, I'm looking forward to trying it out Liz x

  3. Lovely lovely veges and look at those blackcurrants and rhubarb - how lovely to come home to all of those Jo. Your cake looks delicious so I'll be watching for the recipe too, thank you!
    Joy xo

  4. Jo so glad to have you back, the cake looks absolutely gorgeous, have never eaten courgette cake so will have to try it. Your veg looks to die for, what are you going to make with all of this - can't wait to find out
    Lots of love