Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Just say 'Yes'

Question: How do we get one hour at the allotment altogether?
Answer: Just say 'Yes'

Bloke and I hardly ever get to the allotment together, we sort of do tag gardening. One of us goes up and gets lots done(usually Bloke in the evening) and I go up with the children in the day thinking I am going to experience some sort of utopian learning experience with my children and normally end up getting exasperated because I am not doing anything except assisting with outdoor toileting or sorting out arguments about who got the little spade first. Annnyhooo!
Today we all went and I decided to just say yes...

Can we take our bucket and spades and pretend we are at the seaside? YES

Can I take my shorts off because I am hot? YES

Can I take my t-shirt off then if she has taken her shorts off? YES
Can I take this snail home? YES

Can I get my hands this muddy? YES
We are hot, can we just watch dad now? YES
Are we allowed to get water from the hose in our buckets? YES
We lasted 64 minutes and I didn't even need to tuck into my emergency chocolate biscuit stash in my bag - Result!

Ah! Happy families... Jo xx

PS. I have had a little swap around on my blog list, please don't be offended if you have been 'swapped' I change them around every few months to give new people a bit of air time. I like to help bloggers find new bloggers so you will be back on soon. I still follow all of the blogs on my huge list avidly but only have a short list on the page to save space and I swap them round frequently. xx



  1. Wonderful post, Jo, we should all have a Yes Day now and again! Happy memories made today...Chrissie x

  2. Ahhh, just say, "Yes!" I love how it manifested a wonderful time for all!

  3. The power of 'yes'!! It can be very liberating sometimes :-) You've cheered me up no end - really made me smile.

    1. Good, it was supposed to and it was all totally true. I have been struggling to get on your blog, I don't know if others have, it just won't load up so sorry if I have missed some posts. See you next week. Jo x

    2. Interesting... only on my phone at the moment but I'll check it on the computer later & see if there's something that needs reporting :-)It's been too busy for posting! Finally finished both coats though and a cardi for me - yeah!!
      Shared your post on Twitter last night - it was very much enjoyed, as I knew it would be!!

  4. Jo you have really got this sussed - well done. It looks as if everyone had lots of fun because you made it happen for them. It certainly made me smile at this late hour especially the lovely hands! A great post as always Jo, you always put so much thought into your blog, I just love it. Thank you so much
    Lots of love as always

  5. Aw the garden, Jo. And what a lovely way to present it...with family. :-)

  6. While you're on a roll: "Can I please have those wellies?" Just say "yes"!! ;-) They're fab - and I love your bag too!

  7. First of all please say no to Gilly for we are still having lots of rain here and I need those gorgeous welly boots more! Sorry Gilly!
    I so enjoyed this post Jo - how liberating to just keep 'allowing' - takes all the stress away for a little time. And your pics are so lovely!
    And I thought your explanation regarding your blog list was so nice and considerate towards everyone, thank you!
    Joy xo

  8. Yes days are awesome, aren't they? I need to do them more often. It's so easy to say "no" all the time to their requests, but with a little thought, those "yes" moments have a far greater impact on everyone's joy factor. Nice having you drop by my little space, I love meeting new bloggers. :)
    Hope you have more "yes" moments in your week!