Friday, 16 August 2013

Chain stitch flowers

I made this pattern for my beginner learners who could only chain after the first week. It meant that they felt they had achieved something they could hold in their hand at the end. It is not very sophisticated but great for learning or for young crocheters to decorate bags, hairbands or to stick on birthday cards.

4mm hook, Double Knitting yarn.(UK terms)

To begin, make a slip knot for the first stitch
Chain 4. Join in a circle with a slip stitch.
Chain 6. Without twisting the chain, join it into the centre of the circle with a double crochet.

Repeat making these 6ch petals and joining each one into the centre of the flower. Add 5 or 6 petals, your choice. Add the petals in an anti clockwise direction (right handers) and try not to ruck them up or make them on top of each other.

Pull yarn through the last stitch and ensure it sits snuggly between the petals. Tie off on the back and use the tails to sew it to your item.

Variations - You can make longer petals with more chains to make a daisy shaped flower. Make them on different sized hooks and layer them up. Add buttons to the centre. Find your own style and make loads!


  1. Hi Jo (great name!) What a lovely idea for those of us who are enthusiastic but not proficient with a hook. Thank you!
    Jo x

  2. Perfect little blossom, useful for both beginners and experienced hookers! Cx

  3. What a pretty pattern, thank you for sharing. The cafetiere cosy is delightful. I made two PE bags this afternoon - they aren't as colourful as yours but they were a satisfying little project, I have to say. x

  4. Sweet, sweet sweet Jo, this is a perfect little pattern for getting started. Great post as always
    Lots of love

  5. Sweet little flower and very nicely explained Jo - and we all like to have a finished product for our efforts!
    Joy x