Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Hooray! PE bag

What I like to make the most are things that we really need. It gives me the best kind of satisfaction. So Today I made Big Sis a PE bag for school because she needed one.

I used fabric I had been given, some handle tape from an old finished Cath Kidston Tote bag kit and years old embroidery thread for the hand sewing.

I popped on a monogram.

Then lovingly filled it with clean PE kit to check for size.
The ultimate satisfaction project. Jo xx


  1. Hooray! Nice and bright and easy to find too.

  2. Very cute - big sis will be the envy of her classmates!

  3. Hi Jo
    Arrived here via Dorothy.
    Looking forward to the Coffee Pot Tutorial.
    Love the PE Bag.

    1. Hi Cally, Thanks for dropping by. I will post it tomorrow. I thought it was already on here but it was on a pinterest board instead. I will put it on the right under tutorials. Jo x

  4. Absolutely lovely! She will carry it with pride, no doubt, and you'll be getting requests from her friends... Chrissie x

  5. I wish my PE kit bag had been as nice, I think it was grey! :( x

  6. Jo this is so lovely, the colours are stunning, what a happy little girl she will be, a great post, looking forward to the tutorial. Thanks Jo
    Lots of love

  7. It's times like these where I wish my teenagers were smaller so I can create such colourful pe bags. Now they have to have plain logo'd bags with their house colours. xx

  8. It's so cute. I am sure she will be very happy with it.

  9. That is so sweet Jo and I'm sure Big Sis is thrilled with it.
    Joy x