Friday, 2 August 2013

Love hate WIPS

Here are my two top love/hate WIPS (works in progress) 
at the moment.
1) LOVE this tea cosy, I made mostly at the craft fair last Saturday. Just needs the ends sewing in and some sort of embellishment.

2) HATE this cardigan now. I am one ball short. So I ordered another one at full price + postage and when it came it was too thin. So I am stuck with this one sleeved weight around my neck. Grrr!
Children are crafting away and having friends over to play, going swimming and eating me out of house and home. Online shop calling - I am not taking them both with me. I like to avoid conflict or all out warfare in public places wherever possible!!! Jo x


  1. The tea cozy is very pretty and the sweater looks good too, but I'm sorry yo hear it's been giving you so many headaches. I hate when a project goes like that!

  2. Hi Jo , glad to hear the craft fair went well. Love your pinafore dress and the tea cozy...very sweet.
    Jacquie x

  3. Hi Jo your tea cosy is so nice, I have quite a few now but am a real sucker for them - made loads the year before last for Christmas and gave them as gifts. Your little sweater could be a sleeveless one - a similar thing happened to me a while ago when knitting my granddaughter a cardigan - I was able to pull out the sleeve and just put in ribbing around the arms and it looked fine. Do pop over to my blog Lesley as I am planning a giveaway next week and would love you to enter.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Lots of love as always

  4. Dorothy beat me to it. I was going to suggest turning the cardigan into a waistcoat. It would look great over a little blouse or t-shirt.

  5. Lovely little teapot cosy Jo - pity about the yarn problem and so disappointing for you but - I was also thinking you could make a vest out of it?
    Joy x

  6. It will be fun to see what you dream up for a finish for both projects, Jo :) Flowers? A vest? I so remember feeling as you do shopping with my children!
    Gracie xx
    ps I wish I had read your comment before we had our first go at the lavender project. My daughter let the girls choose from a selection of Christmas cotton material, and a cookie cutter for the shape of the pattern. The results were too small for the girls to really handle, although, Hayley who is nearly six did quite well with the stitching. My daughter is whip stitching the edges of what the girls worked on to contain the dried lavender we had on hand from last year. Then she attached a loop so that it can be used as a Christmas tree ornament. But I have some felt that we can experiment with… Thanks for the advice, Jo :)

    1. Children love whatever they make but if it is successful they want to go again. Definitely have a go with the felt and let me know how you get on. Jo x

  7. The cosy is adorable Jo - I see it embellished with crocheted roses of course...or maybe even apple blossoms. ;-) I am also seeing a short/cap sleeved sweater with edges trimmed in crochet for that last project. You certainly keep at it everyday - I am so impressed!

  8. Could you undo the sleeve and make two shorter ones or should I be quiet as I really don't know that much about knitting?! Looks lovely anyway and the thought was there ;) Lovely tea cosy x Jane