Sunday, 11 August 2013

Hooray! Pink cardigan

Back from holidays with a truly great show and tell. I don't like to be beaten...the cardigan is finished exactly how I wanted it to be. Sometimes I cut corners and just make stuff but I wanted this to be good, warm, wearable and good enough to show.

We went away last week to my Uncle and Aunties caravan and I took only this project with me to finish - no distractions, starting a new project on a whim, getting out the sewing machine etc. - I just forced myself into a corner and it worked (it always does in fact!)

The knitted flower was a nice touch.

When she put it on she said "Ooooh! this is warm" and my heart felt warm too. I knitted it in Katia Aran weight which is 50% cotton and 50% acrylic and it knits up really well. This colour is called fuchsia. It is called the warrior cardigan from Sublime 630

The reason I ran out of wool is because I made full length sleeves because I don't like 3/4 for children, they get stuck up their coat sleeves and cause a major kerfuffle when we are just about to leave the house vaguely on time.
I found the buttons in a lovely wool shop in Sutton-on-Sea which were a perfect match. You know this cardigan that I used to hate? well now I love it and so does she! Jo x
ps. I'm off to catch up on some blogging and see what you lot have been up to this week while I have been away eating ice cream, making sandcastles and enjoying the seaside.



  1. Jo, the sweater is simply beautiful! Good choice on the sleeves. Warmed my heart too. Glad you're back. :-)

  2. It's beautiful, Jo! You did a great job with it. I'm so glad you feel better about it now, as you should because it's wonderful. :)

  3. Gorgeous cardi! Well done you for not giving up - and for actually improving the end result with full-length sleeves (I totally agree with 3/4 length and children, they just don't go together!). The flower is a delightful touch! Chrissie x

  4. The cardigan is really beautiful, so well finished and I love the colour, the buttons...everything!
    Marianne x

  5. It looks lovely Jo :-) It has come out beautifully and I really love the flower. I too took a cardigan away to finish - I finished the knitting and have spent the last 2 nights laboriously sewing it up in mattress stitch *phew*. Just a touch of blocking and buttons to go.

  6. Jo how perfect is this, I bet you feel proud of yourself seeing this gorgeous cardi on your lovely tot. Have really missed you Jo, so glad you are back, hope you had a real good time. Lots of love

  7. Love your gorgeous cardi - well done! The little flower is a fab finishing touch too :-)
    Happy Monday!

  8. Beautiful cardi bet you're glad you stuck with it. Sometimes it can make me so mad when things go wrong.

  9. Very cute! It was worth seeing it through :)

  10. Thanks all. I sewed it up using a new stitch which was brilliant which I will share some time soon. Jo x

  11. You did a lovely job of it Jo and I'm so pleased you managed to get the correct yarn to finish that last little bit!
    I agree with the sleeve length - I find 3/4 length a nuisance on myself too!
    I'll be interested to see your new stitch please!
    Joy x

  12. Fabulous colour :) It looks nice and cosy and reminds my of a jumper I used to have. I'm wondering to myself where it is now :o