Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Hooray! upcycled hottie cover

If I look at an old item of clothing for long enough something pops into my head. This poor Boden dress made from wool with 25% angora would have been so lovely for Little M but the person who gave it to me in a hand-me-down bag had already sort of shrunk it a bit so it had a strange texture. I boil washed it and it made the most comfy felt.

So handbag, pyjama bag ... still thinking... Hot water bottle cover! It is so soft.

The casing and the tie were already in the dress, I hand sewed the top and did a neat blanket stich around the bottom.
It is a one hit wonder.

I think I will put this in my 'Christmas box' for one of my family or friends. Just need to get a bottle to fit it now and Hey presto! Today I made a hot water bottle cover (with useless pockets!)
Jo x


  1. Well done - upcycling at it's finest!
    It does look so snuggly and soft.

  2. Great make! Tuck some lavender sachets in the pockets? Cx

    1. They are useless pockets no more. Thanks Chrissie. xx

  3. what a creative way to reuse this. I love it!

  4. I think it is great - I have a hot water bottle cover with pockets - it came with socks in the pocket, so if you are giving it as a gift you could do that, cosy bed socks and hot water bottle!

  5. The pockets could hold your dreams, letting them out in the night to keep you safe.
    S xx

  6. Gorgeous Jo, what a good idea. You just can't beat a hottie cover!

  7. Very very nice Jo - soft and cuddly and you have a few great suggestions there already for the pockets, so ......... lovely lavender pouch, bed socks, and sweet dreams oozing out all over! Magic!
    Joy x

  8. Amazing :D Absolutely love it Jo :)