Friday, 30 August 2013

Hooray! Hat and Scarf

Today is a double hooray because not only have I made this hat and scarf, I designed it as I went along because I am trying my hand at designing a pattern or two.

The problem is I am not very good at writing patterns down. I think I am all set with my pencil and special notebook for the occasion (because everyone loves a bit of stationery) and I get hooking and realise I am on row 6 and I haven't written a thing! Then I think I will do another one tomorrow and the pattern/shape changes. So I need to hone my skills a bit. I love the hat even though I can't make another one exactly the same, it is a one off, by me for my friends daughter Amelia because she has big blue eyes. Jo xx


  1. That is a beautiful hat Jo and I think you're very clever to 'play it by ear' so to speak and come up with something so gorgeous. I'm sure, knowing you, that you'll soon get into the habit of writing down notes as you go. Well done, your friend's daughter will love it!
    Joy xo

  2. it's fabulous! looks v warm and cosy!

  3. Wow Jo this is fab - love the colour and I'm sure it will be very welcome in the chilly days to come (sigh)! Thank you so much for the Liebster nomination - I'm off to put my thinking hat on x Jane

  4. This is gorgeous! Both the hat and scarf look so warm and cosy and I really like the colour.
    M c

  5. I love the hat, I love the scarf, and together they make a wonderful gift! Oh please figure out a pattern! ;-) Chrissie x

  6. What a great hat and scarf. Great colour, she will be wanting autumn to arrive soon so she can show it off.
    I know what you mean about writing patterns down. It sort of takes out the enjoyment. I'm trying to write a parrot pattern. It's been slow going. But I've got it to the stage where one of my friends will test it for me.
    Happy crocheting
    S xx

    1. Really how strange! I went to a Pirate fancy dress party last night and tried to make a little parrot to put in my hair but it looked like a pigeon so I went for big hoop ear rings and a plastic cutlass! Jo x

  7. Jo this is just so fabulous, well done - you are one talented lady. Have a wonderful weekend and look forward to the pattern
    Lots of love

  8. Your friend's daughter is a very lucky girl! This is such a pretty hat and scarf! I think it's fantastic that you're able to design such pretty crochet! Don't worry, I bet with your talent you'll get a grip on jotting down your patterns real soon. xo

  9. Ooh please do write a pattern & I'll make a hat, you can never have enough hats and I have lots of yarn to use up x