Tuesday, 30 June 2015

All Done #7 Stars in your eyes

My 'All done' posts feature everything I make from one piece of fabric. I am not a stash hoarder, I like it all used up and useful. A piece of this jersey turned up in my last stash clearout a few weeks ago. 

Longtime followers may recall a tunic dress I made for Big Sis when I entered the world of jersey and stretch fabrics along with my wonderful, not so new now, overlocker about 2 years ago.

She has grown and it has since become a top with waterfall sides.

I made a simple gathered skirt in March to wear underneath with a jersey waistband because my girls are skinny bilinkies. I made a small comfy waistband that will roll down as they grow. They appear to get taller but not wider it seems. She wore this to a bouncy castle party - an ideal jumping/dancing outfit

Little M was pleased with her teeny leggings I made last summer too. I made her another pair early this Spring in the next leg size up, that impossibly small bottom is still the same size.

The last piece was used to make a longer pair of leggings and this T-shirt tunic top from Ottobre magazine this week.

Your modelling is coming on a treat girlie.

party tattoos, don't you just love 'em!!
All done now with these flopsy jersey stars. A batwing top, t-shirt tunic, two pairs of leggings and a skirt.

Thanks for stopping by. Jo xx

You can check out my other 'All done' posts by using the labels on the left. It might inspire you to use up something that has been kicking around for a while.


  1. I love these all done posts Jo, it always amazes me what you can create. Lovely makes as always.
    Marianne x

  2. Well done - the items are all really lovely.

  3. It must be great to get so much out of piece of fabric well done Jo. Lovely modelling too.

  4. You are always so creative and get the most out of your fabric, your daughters look beautiful.

  5. It is inspiring to see all you have imagined and sewn together from your original piece of material, Jo! Thanks for sharing. xx

  6. Your girls are so lucky! All these outfits are really cute!

  7. I love these posts of yours Jo, and the girls always look so obliging. I'm sure they are always perfectly behaved and don't ever cry, argue, whinge or complain. Ever.
    Jillx ;)

    1. I am spitting out my coffee and laughing my head off wildy!!

  8. You've made brilliant use of this pretty starry stuff! Very thrifty, and all look so cute :)

  9. You're on fire with these, Jo. I love all of them. My daughter is the same way, so small and skinny that she feels like a baby bird when I hug her. It's nice to be able to make things just for her. Your girls are so lucky to have all these handmade things. They always look so cute in them too.