Thursday, 11 June 2015


I have recently been obsessed with a blog called Charity Shop Chic it is totally amazing and inspirational, do go there and be wowed.

The blog made me think of a boiled lambswool jumper I was given a while back from my friend Naomi who is my crochet buddy at knit and natter.

I made this...

From this...

She shrank her husbands jumper, squirrelled it away in her basket and gave it to me. He need not know...It was a good one too from Saville Row with double sided cuffs. I perused the jars for some bits and pieces: Matching thread and some cotton left from my double bed quilt in a conveniently labelled box named Patchwork. I love my new craft cupboard so much!

First up I tried it on, it was a snug jumper but OK. I marked the centre and cut straight through. Next I cut off the V neck ribbing and curved out the collar bone area.

I went on to make two 18" long strips to finish the front edges.  Then I used the neck shape to cut neck facings by tracing the shape onto paper and matching the joins at the shoulder seams.

I made them large on the neck so that the back would not itch me if I had a wide neck item on underneath.

I tried it on and it looked too long. It was still too old lady for me so I turned up the ribbing to go for a box style boiled wool jacket.

 Then I messed around with the self timer in the bathroom for a bit.

Then I refashioned a strawberry....

This has got to stop I thought... so I continued to turn things into other things in a more constructive manner. I turned chicken thighs into chicken curry, dirty laundry into clean laundry and crumpled beds into ones we can all sleep in later when all this crazy creative mind stuff fizzles out.

I think I used my time off in lieu this morning really well don't you? Thanks for looking Jo xxx 


  1. Absolutely! I accidentally ruined one of Annie's cardigan by washing it too hot... I am bowing my head in shame because I put it in the rag bag. The strawberry has a mouth like one of those old Muppets men, not sure what his name is :-) Your funny, you make me laugh. x

  2. Oh Jo!!!! Not sure whether I love the fact that I am now laughing so much or the new jacket more!!! I am afraid to say that I think the laughing wins out - but only because I am laughing of course!! I will stop now!!! It is a great makeover! xx

  3. Jo, you need to enter your strawberry in the novelty Fruit & Veg competition for bloggers at the Trelawynd Flower Show

  4. Great makeover, but the strawberry really did make me smile and laugh and then laugh some more.

  5. Amazing transformation! Love the strawberry too!!

  6. You are brilliant. I have turned my messy desk into a completed re-evaulation for work. I am in the midst of creating clean laundry and I hope to turn some yarn into knitting later today.

  7. Your cardigan looks lovely after refashioning !! You did lot of makeovers, congrats!! Especially, the strawberry is the perfect example of your crafting spirit;)

  8. Love your new jacket it looks great as your stuff always does.
    Marianne x

  9. Man that is amazing! Your new cardigan is just beautiful! And your refashioned strawberry put a big smile on my face! Happy weekend Jo! Nicole xo oh and thank you for passing along her blog! Nicole xo

  10. Oh Jo you are such a clever lady. I particularly like your strawberry creation😊

  11. Hi Jo, thanks for saying such nice things about my blog. I really like your new cardi, and I bet it is really nice and warm. Felted jumpers like this one are good to work with because they don't fray!
    Have fun refashioning!
    Sally -- Charity Shop Chic

  12. Brilliant! Very well done.

  13. So clever and inspiring, Jo! [I am still crocheting headbands for my big and little girls :) ] xx