Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Fat Quarters

I have posted previously about my little fore into making knickers. I made a pair in Liberty fabric for a friend for her birthday and I wish I could play you the squealing answer phone message she sent me after she had tried them on. "OMG they fit, they actually fit and they are beautiful...etc.etc." I made her size 14 out of the rest of my Liberty Wiltshire fabric from White Tree Fabrics. 

I had heard it said that you could make lots of pairs of knickers from fat quarters. Not my fat quarters I can tell you! I made a size 8 pair for my best friend's daughter for her 16th Birthday out of one but you can't cut the bigger sizes on the bias. Then I saw these on White Tree fabric's website.
A mini bolt. Never heard of them but they are considerably bigger than a fat quarter. They are 1.5 x 45 cm. White Tree kindly sent me some to try with some knicker elastic.

Oh joy! I can get two pairs out of one bolt and I needed 2.3m of elastic for one pair. I am keeping these ones for myself. The pattern is from Flo Jo. I have worn and washed one pair (the ones at the back) and they turned out fine.

These bolts are so pretty and would be great for making any patchwork, aprons, pump bags, make up cases, cushions or even knickers!!

Strawberry news: I made this cake for my mum's 60th Birthday last week called the "I can't believe you made that, cake" from a book by Lorraine Pascal. It was divine.

Happy crafting. Jo xxx


  1. Yet more talents Jo is there no end to them. I have seen Lorraine Pascal make this cake on her program and I thought at the time that would be so nice to make. May have to search out the recipe and give it ago.

  2. Your knickers are just awesome Jo! And that cake...holy cow! I can tell through the screen just how delicious it was! A happy birthday to your mom! And a lovely day to you!!! Nicole xo

  3. You are one talented lady, loved the fabric and the cake was a real delight. Happy birthday to your Mum.

  4. Ha-ha Jo I love your pants, the best ones I ever made were cotton poplin, they dont crease so much, by sheer coincidence i am teaching a knicker class tomorrow ,
    best love
    Daisy j xx

  5. Oh, liberty print knickers?? Love! And I love the two pairs you made for yourself, too. Gorgeous. Xx

  6. Gorgeous undies! And such a pretty print too.
    Marianne x

  7. The knickers are gorgeous and so great you can now get 2 pairs from a mini-bolt. Love the cake. I'm sure it tasted as good as it looks. And happy birthday to your mum.

  8. The knickers are great, I have the same pattern from FLo Jo and have made 3 pairs and I am so pleased with them!, love the cake looks so yummyx

  9. Wow! Amazing knickers, amazing cake!!

  10. The cake looks amazing, and so are your knickers! Such pretty fabric, I want some right now, totally fab!

  11. Belated Happy Birthday to your mum! The cake you made her is very clever and must have been yummy, too :)
    What a neat discovery about the fat quarters for the knickers! xx

  12. Love your knickers! Now there's something I wasn't expecting to say today :)
    Your cake looks amazing, I'll have a small slice with a cuppa ta.