Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The cherry club

I love my Cherries from Amy at Love made my home. Her tutorial is so easy to follow. I made two on holiday without the pattern just by looking at the one on my jacket - a trial run if you like then I made two for grown up birthday presents when I got home. Here is the evolution of cherries that came from my hook.

My first one with one strand of yarn, then two strands but uneven cherry sizes with a messy join, next two better ones, finally the one I had from Amy with double knitting yarn.

The first two trial ones I pinned to my girls. They wear red to school and Little M came back and said "Pippa, Ellie and Indy all want you to make them cherries!" I bet they do I thought!

Anyway, because I am a bit of a soft touch I made a brooch for Ellie as it was her birthday party on Sunday and we popped it in with her sticker book present.

Then I made two more. Little M is starting some sort of gang based on who is wearing a set of crocheted cherries. I don't know if this story has an alternative ending other than me making billions of cherries for the whole class!

Other fruit based news: this is our first strawberry from the allotment this year and yes, we did cut it into four to all enjoy a piece each!

Jo xxx


  1. Wow!!!!!!! You certainly have cherry fever at your house!!!! They are all wonderful!!! I love the different sizes that are perfect for children!!! I love that you are having so much fun with this. Thank you for the mention! Hope you have a happy cheery cherry day!!!! xx

  2. The cherries look great! You have definitely started a trend now. The homegrown strawberry looks so perfect.

  3. I love the cherries, funnily enough my next port of call was Amy's blog to get he pattern as I fancy making some.I made a poppy for Remembrance Sunday for my 7 year old and ended up with requests from other little friends too!

  4. Love those sweet little cherries...no wonder all the wee girls want them!
    Marianne x

  5. Of course you cut the strawberry into four, I bet it was the tastiest one you' ve ever had. There is something so satisfying about eating your own home grown.
    Your cherries are gorgeous.

  6. Exciting times, the wonderful strawberries. I am nurturing and watching mine like a mother hen but still no ripe one yet. The cherries are adorable.

  7. Hello Jo,

    I loved reading your recent posts about your refashioned jumper into cardigan, looks fabulous!!! also your daughter making granny squares - way to go!!! She is doing great! And you are making cherry brooches, they look so lovely! I love it when one person's make inspires another, it's so inspiring!!!

    Keep doing what you do!!!
    Ingrid xx

  8. I see a lot of cherries in your future, and then they will want another fruit, better butter up your skills with strawberries and blueberries.

  9. I admire your fruitful endeavors, Jo :) xx