Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Crafting Resolutions 2020

A trawl through my 2019 blog posts reveals that I did make most of my crafting resolutions in 2019.

First up I wanted to crochet a blanket to bust some stash. I had a lot of acrylic yarn that had been given to me by various people over the years and I wanted to get to the bottom of it. There were so many colours, I knew a Spice for Life blanket would be the perfect pattern.

This is my favourite sofa blanket for winter nights.

I also made lots of other smaller blankets using more pastel collections which were gifted to new babies.

In sewing, I really wanted to crack learning how to sew Roman blind for our new house. 

I finally mastered it and have made three this year. They are all packed away in carpet tubes to keep them clean until we move house.

I wanted to knit something from my ravelry favourites queue that had been there for more than two years! The Lady Kina pattern jumped to the top of my wish list.

I have worn the Lady Kina a lot but the acrylic has stretched to a bigger size, I gifted it to my friend in November. The colourwork sweater called prairie Fairy has been a triumph. I was even contacted by Drops to give permission for them to use my photos. Much Kudos!

Finally, I wanted to complete my postage stamp quilt of 5 x 5 cm squares. I am nearly there with this one. The topper is finished and I just need an afternoon to be in the mood to sandwich it all together on my knees! Maybe when the Christmas tree comes down I will have the space. A big reveal is imminent.

For 2020 I have some more ideas:

1) To knit a sweater in 4ply yarn to use some mystery wool I bought at Wonderwool this year.

2)To sew a pattern from my pattern box that is unopened. I tend to use the same patterns and alter them.

3) To crochet more of my acrylic stash for gifting.

Well that is more than enough for any crafter I think. There will of course be more making everyday depending on what I intuitively fancy. So I hope you will join me in 2020.

Happy New Year!
Love from all here. xxxx


  1. A very lovely post. Thank you for sharing and best of the new year to you and yours.

  2. Hi Jo I have been reading your blog for some time now and REALLY enjoy following your crafty adventures. I too need to work on my craft resolutions for 2020, mainly knitting of course. Happy new year from Rebecca in Australia.

  3. Happy New Year to you and your family. Here's looking forward to 2020 , lots more new craft work and hopefully some dry weather so you can crack on with the new house.

  4. The Spice of Life blanket is stunning, I really love the colours and the different stitches used. Your postage stamp quilt is a stunner, absolutely gorgeous. I sandwiched a couple of quilts on my dining table, starting in the middle. It is a bit less neat and needs a bit of smoothing out at the end but is ever so gently on the knees.

    I very much enjoyed following your crafty adventures this year, I always feel inspired by your positive energy and joyous creations. Here's to another year of crafty happiness xx

  5. You've made some lovely things this year. I think my 2020 crafting resolution should be to make something that isn't a scarf... The colourwork sweater is brilliant, I'm not surprised Drops wanted to use your photo. And I really adore the postage stamp quilt. I haven't made a quilt for ages, that is something else I'd like to do. I'm wishing you a happy and crafty New Year.

  6. Well done on achieving your crafting goals! All lovely things:). I am going to sit down and make some for 2020. It will probably include more quilt tops from my stash and maybe a little crochet. Happy New Year and Decade! XXX

  7. You did a wonderful job creating last year Jo. Happy New Year!

  8. It is always a joy to see what you are crafting! Thanks for posting, Jo! Know that even if I miss typing to tell you so on every post, I appreciate you! Happy 2020! I am cheering you on! :) xxxxx