Monday, 16 December 2019

An Old Favourite

 Sometimes it is best to simply visit an old pattern; tried and tested. I love making these gloves and they give me a lot of knitting pleasure.

I don't normally knit with bamboo needles but I thought I would give them a try and I really liked how light they felt. My shoulder did not ache so much after an evening of knitting with these.

The pattern is from an old Louisa Harding book called Fade to Grey. A quick flick through the book also reminded me of a cardigan I no longer have which I knit about eight years ago so that has landed on my wish list for 2020. After a quick search on raverly, I found this pattern is now published free here

I used a skein of hand dyed yarn from Weavers Loft which I picked up at Wonderwool this year. It has a mottled pattern so I just knit with that instead of adding stripes. You could actually see the different patterns a lot more. I felt this pair didn't need a flower because the yarn was singing on its own.

These are destined for my 13 year old god daughter who has a very individual dress style (she wears a fedora hat to Guides!) So I think she will love these eclectic gloves.

Are you still making for Christmas?


  1. Lovely gloves. I saw the pair in Patons Siberia ( hairy handwarmers ) I loved that yarn. I made about 8 sweaters, cardigans and waistcoats back in the 80's in nearly all the shades. A couple of years ago I found 7 balls on ebay! I knit myself a lovely sweater with it. Best, Jane x

  2. Well done Jo, your daughter is going to love these.

  3. Loving these fingerless mitts! Love the frilly bits in particular. I need a pair and will look up the pattern on Ravelry. I just moved office and it is even colder than the old one.... (currently wearing my down jacket and a hat). I didn't have time to make things for gifts this year, such a shame. Ok, I should say that I didn't make time, I had plenty of time to work on things for myself..... Have a lovely week xx

  4. Can't beat a tried and tested pattern. I make my cardi's from the same pattern.I vary it with texture, stripes, cable and of course different colour wools. At least I know it will fit.

    1. Totally agree! Thanks for dropping in Caz.

  5. Such a pretty pattern and I love the colour of the wool. I’m off to research the pattern. B x

  6. Those gloves are so lovely, a really gorgeous colour.

  7. I agree about bamboo needles. I was amazed at how the yarn glides over them.