Sunday, 8 December 2019

Making - another hat with my new favourite knitting pattern.

Wearing - My new winter wrap dress made with Ponte Roma from Minerva

Eating - Broccoli and Brie pasta bake

Baking - Carrot and banana muffins.

Loving - using a new milk filling machine to help us be plastic free and support UK farmers. Unfortunately it is a bit far from our town but we pass it in Waters Upton every other Saturday on an errand. 

Disliking - what we came home to on the same day we got the milk.

  and what we came home to on Friday when I returned from work - My Prada glasses and kitchen scissors :(

Buying - A £1.50 waste not box from Lidl which made: roasted pepper soup, plum and apple crumble, vegetable and pearl barley soup and a Veggie curry with roasted aubergine. The bananas went on our porridge and in the muffins. Finally, we scoffed the grapes the same day. Bargain!

Knitting - Little mittens, teeny tiny mittens.

Building - Lots of carpentry which I enjoy. Wood feels manageable until you add a wet dog into the mix. I have learnt some new skirting board techniques. More painting too, Meh!. 

Going - Belly dancing at a local Christmas market.

Collecting - for charity at the dancing event.


Avoiding - people who can't see the best in others.

Reading - my new cookbook. I was supposed to be Christmas shopping for others and ended up buying this for myself. A wonderful book.

Thinking - About Advent.

Feeling - Life is under control

Jo xxx


  1. That last is the best one of all - if you can feel that your life is under control at this time of year, with a job, children and building to look after, I think you are nailing it. x

  2. Great post Jo! I love the hat, the dress, the bake, the cake, the belly dancing especially, and the cook book sounds a great idea! Off to google the book next!
    I loved the hat and wanted to copy your bobble, but when I got to the pattern ..... you know what I’m going to say Jo ..... use bobble pattern of your choice! Aww! Would you mind telling me what size circle you used please? I have a hat finished and bobbleless.
    Barbara xx

    1. I used a pom pom maker (my girl's had one) it is the green one from clover so I am not sure what size a card circle would be in comparison. On the hobbycraft website is says the green one is 85mm but I am not sure how you could replicate that. Good Luck!

  3. Dogs will do that kind of thing, so you have to keep things out of their reach as a stick of wood or a pair of glasses is all the same to them. At least when they are still very young. A great deal of patience is required for pets as yes a lot of the time they are adorable and cute but sometimes they are infuriating. We need to be kind though because they don't really understand cause and effect. Dogs also 'play' with unintended toys if they are alone and feeling lonely and again not their fault.

    Before I moved I watched a performance by a local group of belly dancers and they were great. It looked like a lot of fun as well as being entertaining.

  4. Hi Sweetie, Chathams dairy also have a milk dispensing machine, probably a bit closer at Brockton (the Shifnal Brockton), straight over the Woodbridge, straight across the A442 and it's about a mile directly infront of you at the T junction.

    Loving the dress, I need to overcome my fear of jersey...

  5. Well it all sounded lovely until the mess made from a little fur ball. I have come home to a few of those myself, and my boys love glasses and mouth guards, both very expensive to replace.