Thursday, 12 December 2019

Easy Peasy Presents

I am spending my evenings making some gifts using what I already have. The sock yarn scraps are a little lighter after making these cowls. I don't like a saggy cowl but a neck warmer is much more cosy I think.

I chained just enough to go over my head (about 68 I think) and then crocheted rows of granny stitch to my hearts content.

The pink and coloured yarn is drops fabel which I have made a pair of socks from. I have no idea where the the fawn colour has come from...

...but they made a good mix.

Next up I tried a blue version to wear with a denim jacket. 

These are ready to wrap for a couple of young ladies at Uni.

Little M saw me crocheting them and said can you make me a purple one so I made her one too which she loves wearing. It is a bit long for her because I used my own head to measure the initial chains. Duh!

My sock yarn has not disappeared completely, there is still a little pile to play with.

Here is the link to the gift wraps that I use. You might find it useful if you make things.

Are you making any gifts? Jo xx


  1. What fabulous little gifts! I also prefer something snug around my neck when it's cold; hate having a draught around my neck LOL Best, Jane x

  2. They're lovely, especially the purple one. And nice not to have scarf ends in your way when you're wearing it, I always get in a pickle with my scarf ends. No gift making here unfortunately, although I would like to make something for me if that counts. CJ xx

  3. Beautiful, even I might be able to manage that! Mx

  4. These are great. Fun, but practical too - and they won’t dangle in the soup!!

  5. Wonderful gifts, Jo. I try making as many handmade gifts that I can and I also like making edible gifts.