Thursday, 19 December 2019

All done #28 - Little Trees Fabric

It is time for another All done post, this time rather than yarn, I have used up some fabric to the very end. I have had this fabric for a few years. Christina from Colourful life sent it to me because her daughter had fallen out of love with it but I think it is sensational.

It is a beautiful quality cotton with little trees and a swirly snow-like background. I am calling this my Christmas Skirt (I loathe Christmas Jumpers!) I wore it to school on Christmas dinner day and then to the Christmas play performances.

The pattern is a tried and tested one for me. It is NewLook 6106. The waistband is called a yoke on the pattern pieces and it certainly gives a comfortable feel and a flat stomach. The pockets are big. I don't like going to the effort of adding pockets to a garment and then finding I can hardly fit a pencil sharpener in them - these were definitely pocket worthy.

These rest of the fabric was used for a pinafore dress for Megan in October 2017.

It has also made a pump bag which has been and gone over a year ago. There have been pleasant appearances on scrappy quilts over the last two years too. This is my current postage stamp quilt which is all ready to be sandwiched together.

Today, to satisfy my inner thrift, I made a little pouch with the last piece to keep all of Megan's sewing machine feet together for her new machine.

All done. A very inspirational gift of fabric. Thanks Christina.

Jo xxxxxx


  1. What lovely makes, I love patterned skirts I have a bit of a collection myself. You can wear the skirt more often too over the winter season so a good choice I think. x

  2. Fantastic skirt, exactly the sort of thing I wear all the time - especially the pockets. And lovely fabric, brilliant that you've used all of it. The bag for sewing machine feet is a great idea, I'm always having trouble finding my sewing machine bits - the little drawer under my machine is terrible, I'm not sure why. It's a decent enough machine, but the drawer doesn't open well and will never shut nicely and nothing seems to fit in it.

  3. I just love what you made with this fabric Jo. If I show this post to Annie, she'll be regretting that she fell out of love with it. She is all "sophisticated" now, black and white and absolutely nothing handmade. Such a shame... although just today I mentioned that I would be happy to sew her prom dress and she didn't bristle. Sewing machine feet have a habit of getting lost here, I should make a little bag like then one you made for little sis. Have a great weekend. xx

  4. You look brilliant in that festive skirt Jo. I love how you use every scrap of fabric you can to make such wonderful projects. Happy Holidays!