Monday, 29 October 2018

Chambray Fabric Review

I love chambray fabric, it is so versatile. It always looks so stylish and gets a lot of everyday wear when I make something in it. However, I know not everyone is confident enough to sew clothes to wear so this review showcases a wonderful fabric for indulging your sewing mojo; but not as clothes, as homeware.

This cotton Chambray fabric made a laundry basket liner and matching peg bag. This liner is also useful if you store yarn in a basket so that the balls don't catch on the wicker sides.

You can line any basket with a tape measure and a bit of maths. This technique doesn't require any pi calculations and relies on the power of gathering to make a forgiving basket base. Here's how:

Measure the depth of your basket plus 6" for the fold over. Then measure the circumference of your basket plus 1" for seam allowance. Fold the fabric right sides together and sew the side seam making a tube.

Measure the width of your handles. Mine are 8 1/2" wide. You need to make a slit so that your handles fit through the fabric. Look out folks, here is the maths!

STEP 1: Folded fabric width - handle hole = X (60" - 8 1/2" = 21 1/2")
STEP 2: X divided by two = the fabric either side of the handle.
        (21 1/2" / 2 = 10 3/4")

Mark a handle slit in the centre with your surplus calculation either side. Repeat for the other handle on the other side of the fabric. Turn back the edges and stitch.

Draw around the base of your basket. Cut out a circle. Make two rows of gathering stitches around the bottom of the basket liner and draw it to the size of the circle. Pin and sew with a wide seam allowance.

 Put your liner in your basket.

I had some fabric left over to make a peg bag too. I used a pattern similar to this. It was quick and easy and would make a great gift.

This fabric is good quality and would make great clothes but if sewing clothes isn't your thing you can always enjoy sewing in different ways.

Jo xx


  1. These are so great, Jo! Thank you for the tutorials. :)

  2. Now that is something I could make, I love the idea of filling a couple of baskets with yarn. Beautiful fabric.

  3. Very clear instructions, they look super.

  4. Ahhh once more you tempt me to follow your clear instructions and create as you have! Thanks so much for sharing, Jo! We have had three house showings this week and no feedback yet, but our realtor is positive which is encouraging. xx

  5. I always enjoy your posts - but this one really caught my eye - I saw a lovely old basket in a thrift store - with a large raffia flower decoration on the side, it was $1.00 and I bought it. I've been using it as my daily basket - popping a book, laptop, lunch in, when I go and babysit. The one drawback has been that It is lined with cracked old plastic coming away from the sides. I loved this post, its very inspiring, so now I'm going to search out some fabric that will revamp the basket. jean/winnipeg