Thursday, 25 October 2018

Jersey Tunic Mash Up

 This month I have worked a little magic with some John Kaldor Cadiz jersey fabric from Minerva. 

I had some red Cadiz jersey left over from my Walkley summer T-shirt and Minerva sent me some navy in the same fabric to complete this tunic. She already had the leggings I made a last year and there were a few scraps left to make the pockets. 

The pattern is Burda 9380. It is a bit deceiving because you would think the pattern is for a little girl but with the right fabric choices it works well for this pre-teenager outfit. 

I modified the pattern by using a jersey knit and omitting the zip in the back. I cut the back and front on the fold making two pieces without a zip opening. I added a neck binding instead of facings and it worked a treat.

She had new chelsea boots the very next day so she was jolly excited. She has worn it to two Christenings and it was a triumph. Warm but smart; she had a lot of compliments.

The John Kaldor fabric is really fine quality with good stretch recovery. I made the sleeves longer than required and hand sewed them up so that I can turn them down when her arms get longer - as they tend to do!

It is a lovely pattern for younger and older girls. I think you may have guessed that I need to make another one for my other girl now.

Jo xx


  1. This looks lovely, I really like the contrast pockets.

  2. And maybe a version for yourself:-)
    This outfit looks just lovely. xx

  3. Beautiful outfit on a beautiful model. I love how the pockets matched the leggings.

  4. What a great outfit, I like the way you have tied it all together with the pockets. The pattern looks like my kind of thing I would wear it! Your girl is getting big now, good idea with the sleeves too. x

  5. Bravo! The outfit is a triumph and bears repeating! xx

  6. What a lovely outfit - so nice to use bits up and make something so fab.

  7. What a fun and fab outfit! Great use of the stripy patch pockets!

  8. Brilliant project Jo, your little ones are not so little anymore!