Friday, 12 October 2018


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Making - A little card holder from this free pattern. It is really useful. I can now close my actual purse properly.

Buying - Cast iron guttering for our new house. Yawn!

Building - Scraping tar from 320 parquet blocks. I was given them for free so I have to put in the time. I have done 199 so far.

Thinking - What is next on the enormous house list.

Fixing - My big girls school tie. She has found the metal clip so uncomfortable. A little hidden felt sleeve over the clip did the trick.

Loving - Some new fabric choices, both stretch. 

Wondering - Where the minutes of my days, weeks and months are going?

Eating - A coffee cake in the shape of a hedgehog - it was requested!

Growing - My late flowering Hebe.

Getting - As many blog photos as possible before the shorter days.

Watching - Megan turn into the best little independent reader ever.

Disliking - The Beatnik Sweater process. I have spent a week of evenings knitting and unpicking 16 rows stitch my stitch. More later...

Considering - What to knit instead. 

Enjoying - Alternative yarny time with an ongoing crochet baby boy blanket whilst simultaneously finding out one of best friends is going to be a grandma - twice over!

Feeling - The squeeze of having two jobs, two houses and two children. 

Deciding - To hand in my notice on one of my jobs. I really like my two children!

Wanting - To relax a bit more and be kinder to myself. 

Jo xxxx


  1. Coffee cake (my favourite) in the shape of a hedgehog (hodgeheg - intriguing) - does it get any better than that ?!

  2. Ooh the hodgeheg cake looks lovely I know someone who would enjoy that cake too. Good choice on deciding to keep the two children. That new fabric looks lovely can’t wait to see what you make with it.

  3. Lovely post and love that we have an up and coming reader in the world. I love the house...where is this house? Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

  4. I'll take the girls if you want to keep your job lol! The hedgehog cake looked delicious and a joy to see a child with a love of books.

  5. Love your ing post. It’s is hard to combine family, work and home life. Looks like your crafting certainly helps you to relax a little more. The colour combinations in the crochet blanket are gorgeous, very inspiring. Have a good weekend. B x

  6. What lovely projects you have on the go, hope you feel less stressed soon. x

  7. I hope you manage some self care and relaxing this weekend. Stress is just so bad for us. The thought of scraping all those parquet tiles makes me weep - so much hard work! But sometime in the future you'll be chilling out in your lovely new living room with parquet floor, gazing at it and thinking "I did this all by myself". It will be an amazing feeling! Love the hedgehog cake. Say happy Birthday to Megan from your "university pal" in Glasgow. Lots of love, xx

  8. I think we all need to look after ourselves a little bit more. I love your posts xx

  9. You are so hardworking! I hope the creative things you are making might be giving some relaxing moments.

  10. Happy Birthday, Megan! So glad you requested your super cake. I looked up the title of the book you are pictured reading, and now want to read the book, too :)

    Jo, I am glad you opted to ditch one job! xx