Monday, 8 October 2018

Quick Knit Yarn Review

Today I am reviewing a yarn by Erika Knight called Studio Linen. It is made from recycled fibres and creates a summer weight fabric.

I am lured by yarn on a skein, are you? but this was a pig to roll into balls. It is slinky and smooth therefore my yarn winder was hopeless because the ball didn't have any purchase and just kept slipping and unraveling. Andy spent 2 hours one evening unknotting one ball that I had made a hash of. That said, knitting with it was sublime.

The pattern is free from Ravelry called The Summer Vacation top. You knit it with two strands held together on 7mm needles, this creates a very free flowing fabric. It is a quick knit and ideal for taking on holiday or knitting in the garden because it is simply two squares with no shaping. Great for a beginner too.


I used six skeins comfortably. Six would enable you to make the S, M or L sizes available on this pattern. The linen based yarn is so cool to wear on hot days and I love that it is made from recycled fibres - 85% viscose and 15% linen giving it a beautiful silky feel.

It is a very versatile pattern: you could change the length, width, mesh section to suit by using more or less of the lovely yarn. If I was to knit another, and I surely will, I will lengthen the stocking stitch and make a more shallow mesh section. Mine seems to have a larger section than others on ravelry which gave a bit too much bra to the general public. 

Thinking ahead though, I am currently wearing it with a white shirt underneath for work. The drape means it does not stick to the cotton shirt. Perfect for Autumn!

Thanks for dropping by. Jo xxx


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    1. Thanks Amy, great to know you are still out there. Hope you are well. Jo x

  2. That’s a fab knit and works just as well with or without a shirt.

  3. See what you mean about the mesh section, but its absolutely fine on top of the shirt. Just right for this time of year. Love the colour too.

  4. I do love a skein of yarn! I wind mine with the help of a child or a chair :-)
    Lovely top, it does look very nice with your pristine white shirt. For the summer, you could wear a light camisole, maybe in a contest colour? xx

  5. This is a lovely colour! It looks great.

  6. I love it and I love the idea of it been recycled. Although I do have a wool winder, I find Gerard holding it works much better.

  7. It's gorgeous. And that colour! X

  8. This info is priceless. How can I find out more?

  9. Beautiful job Jo, the yarn is perfect for that pattern.

  10. Soooo pretty even if some of the yarn got in a tangle! xx