Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Slim Hoodie

I have made another hoodie for Big Sis on request, recently photographed but made six weeks ago. The last one, now too short in the arms and the body, has been put away for her sister. Heidi just seems to be growing arms and legs at a rate of knots my sewing can barely keep up with.

The fabric is from,in my opinion the best place online to buy interesting stretch fabrics of all kinds. This is a single cotton sweatshirt fabric. The cuffs were in a bargain bucket at my local haberdashery for 50p. I cut them in half so I have the same again for another item.

I have made a slightly better job of the zip placket on this one but it is no mean feat to sew a line of top stitching in jersey cut on the bias whilst catching a zip and attaching it altogether to the sweatshirt at the same time.

I didn't line the hood this time. My overlocker stitch is neat enough and the hood can pull back on your neck if it is too heavy.

The pattern is from Ottobre magazine Autumn 2015. A magazine I can say I have used so much the pages are falling out. This sweatshirt is a winner in her eyes. She has been reaching for it first time when she needs to keep the chill off in the evenings.

Oddly, the very next day I received bags of clothes from two different friends jam packed with hoodies and sweatshirts from GAP, Boden and Joules, but there you are, that is just the way the cookie crumbles.

Thanks for looking. Jo xx


  1. Beautiful! The hoodie you made surely beats any GAP, Boden and Joules hoodie one can possibly imagine! I buy my stretch fabric at MyFabrics, the selection is great and prices are quite good. I also like Kitschy-Coo for kids fabrics but it is more expensive. x

  2. Well what a fantastic job! Very talented x

  3. It looks like it is beautifully made. I don't think I've looked at MyFabrics yet and I might be getting an overlocker for Christmas so .....

  4. Jo! You have launched a successful brand, "Mom Made"! Well done! xx

  5. Fabulous, she looks so happy with it. you made sewing the zip sound difficult, don't think I'll attempt this for a while!