Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Holiday Creativity

Our summer holidays always consist of the children catching up on some crafty projects they have started and not finished or the making of kits that have been gifted for Christmas or Birthdays. 

These cushions are for the mini sofa in the playroom. We have just revamped the cubby hole of a room because the table and chairs were too small and low for them to use and their detritus had started to spill out over three floors of the house so we all talked about what should be in there, what should be given away and what they would like to do when they are in there. Mainly they like to draw, craft or watch TV so we made it so with a few purchases and a lots of sorting out.

The fabric was gifted to me last year by my friend Christina from Colourful life. It is bright and colourful with doodle areas for coloring in. I hunted out some IKEA fabric pens and off they went for an hour or so - I joined in too. 

Heidi has enjoyed her amazing Birthday present from her Uncle (I was so jealous!)She did this to make us all laugh, she wore a shower cap on her head too but we were laughing too much to get a picture.

There has also been impromptu sewing on the machine. I can leave Big Sis on there now aged nine and she squirrels away making little things from her own creative mind and my bin. (yes yarntangler, that is an off-cut from your mum's dress!) She wore the tape measure around her neck the whole time even though she didn't use it. Cute.

We have been playing creatively outside at the cabin too with a sleepover, picnics and play days.

Big Sis received an Indian Tiffin from the aforementioned 'yarntangler' for her birthday, the other girls looked on quizzically as her face lit up in delight. We had seen the gifting family with one and were very jealous but they came up trumps and bought her one for her birthday. The very next week my friend came across another in a house clearance, she did not know what it was, so I explained and bought it for £2. Now we have two. Not seen one before? Look...

Little metal bowls of snacks and salads all perfectly transported with the clip and strap, ready in serving dishes when you arrive. Sweet can be separate from savoury, hot or cold, endless possibilities. Just genius! I love functionality in design, I get a bit awestruck by it sometimes.

My own crafting has been happening in short bursts here and there; at the park, in the garden, in my lunch break on work days, watching the Olympics or a snatched hour on the sewing machine.

Happy Holidays or Happy Crafting. Jo xx


  1. Fabulous photo's loved them all. Fancy two tiffins how cool is that!!!

  2. I am so glad I sent you this fabric, it deserved to be beautified by your creative girls! I wish my Annie would show an interest in sewing, she lost her mojo completely. On the other hand, teenager Sam has just finished week three of a 4 week sewing course (for his DoE qualification, it is a secret for coolness reasons but I doubt he'll pop in here). He is planning a screen cover for his precious computer, something like a jam jar cover but square and elasticated.... and he promised to help me sew his quilt.
    I have serious tiffin envy. I can't get more stuff now but once building work has completed, I'll get one of them.
    Happy Holidays! xx

  3. What a lovely post, brought back lots of lovely memories of crafting with my girls when they were small. They certainly are very creative, just like their Mum. Sounds like lots of holiday fun.

  4. It sounds like they are busy little bees making the most of their school holidays!

  5. I have a plastic tiffin, nothing as magnificent as your metal ones. What a wonderful birthday present x

  6. Yay for Big Sis's sewing...and for all your creative efforts, for that matter! The tiffin is such a clever contraption, and one I had never seen before. Thanks for posting, Jo. xx

  7. Wow it's super crafty in your house! I adore those cushions and love that Big Sis is creating on the sewing machine, it reminds me of when I was doing that at her age! That Indian Tiffin is a genius idea! Sounds like your girls are having pretty good school holiday! XxxX