Friday, 12 August 2016

Knitting Cardigans

I have made a cardigan for Big Sis with the help of my mum. I just couldn't do that yoke, well that is a lie, I couldn't sustain it. The most I got to was row 45 where I could see the wiggly snake appearing but my concentration levels were too low to keep it going. It was very hard to unpick cables that snake from left to right, I never knew which row I had unpicked to.

If I am honest it is a tad too small. To make it bigger I would need to take off the button bands and the yoke, which is sewn on separately, then ask my mum to add another 20 row pattern repeat to the yoke to give it more room across the shoulders then put it all back together again but I really can't see that happening. She said she will wear it now while she can because she loved the ceramic forget-me-not buttons.

There is another little girl waiting in the wings for it anyway...

The pattern is Sirdar 2259, my favourite children's knitting patterns are from Sirdar. It is for Sirdar Supersoft aran but I have knit in that before and it pilled really badly so this time I have used King Cole comfort aran so I will keep you posted on the condition after a few washes. Oh woe!I so wanted this to be just right for September through to winter, never mind. 

Luckily I have superb knitting friends and family to step in. Big Sis received two beautiful cardigans for her birthday. My friend Maddy knit the one with pockets which is the perfect size. This puts me to shame because Maddy last saw Heidi in February and I see her everyday so why is my cardigan too small!!!!! My Auntie knit the other one with the honeycomb pattern which is a little bigger ready for when the first purple cardigan is too small, it feels so soft. She loves them both.  
Phew! cardigans for Autumn and Winter are covered.

What are you knitting?
Jo xxx


  1. Your's looks great Jo. I love Sirdar patterns. Bet they're waiting for cold weather now!

  2. Such a shame its not going to last as long as anticipated but at least it is not wasted as your younger daughter will benefit.

  3. Well they are all beautiful, in colour and pattern, and you are going to have some very well dressed and warm girls this autumn and winter. x

  4. She is getting so big! What a pretty girl. I think your sweaters are beautiful and like you say, they can be passed down later on. Good job!

  5. You and yours are wonderful knitters! I think all three sweaters are beautiful and I hope they will all be worn and treasured many times. I also hope I one day succeed in knitting a sweater. I had about 12 inches knit in cotton for myself, started over ten years ago. I hated how it looked and had it sitting on a shelf in a basket for years. Several months ago my oldest daughter offered to frog it for me. Now I have a basket full of cotton yarn I am using to knit more granny dishcloths! Progress! xx