Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Scrappy Quilt Rainbow

Do you look at the big picture or are you a fan of detail? I am a big picture sort of person. I always try and stand back and look at things from a different angle. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. In this instance it really works:

My scrappy 5" square quilt top is looking great. Little M said, 'Is it supposed to look like a rainbow?' 'YES!' I squealed in delight. That is why I was persevering with the yellow in the corners although initially it looked wrong close up, however when you took a step back to gaze at the big picture it turned out to be a fine rainbow accent.

Close up, nothing to write home about. A mix of 5" squares in random fabric patterns from my handmade clothes leftovers, gifted pieces from friends, a sneaky small charm pack and some recycled clothes but zoom out and it really sings.

A little peek there into where I usually sew on the top floor. I need some sort of border. Not sure yet. Any ideas? solid colour squares, plain border strip, patterned strip borders? 

Don't forget to stand back and admire, it really is quite uplifting. Thank you for looking at the Big Picture and not the detailed seam joins!. Jo x


  1. Lovely quilt, strangely enough I have been making a charm quilt for a baby this morning, I do not usually put a border on just a fairly neutral binding. At the moment my binding of choice is a soft cream with a tiny black dot. It acts as a picture frame for the fabrics, rather than competing with them. I do not go in for heavy quilting either, just 1/2" both sides of the seams, I like the fabric to be the star of the show.

  2. I think a nice white border or maybe a bright red? And then I'd just quilt an x in all the squares

  3. I actually prefer it close to as I am a fan of random quilts rather than those with a design.

  4. It's gorgeous, just rainbow-y enough, yet still maintaining the handmade charm that comes from using lots of leftover scraps. Knowing how you love to use every last scrap of fabric, I imagine this pleases you greatly. :-)

  5. Gorgeous! I recognise some of the fabric I think? For the border, I am definitely a leftover borden person and like to use the fabrics in the quilt. Adds to the 'cottage charm'. x

    1. Yes you will, It all mixed in well together. Jo x

  6. Absolutely stunning quilt Jo. And you're so right, sometimes looking at the bigger picture makes all the difference to how we see something.
    Marianne x

  7. I love the effect you have achieved, it will look great when it's finished. An solid colour would look great as a border, I made scrappy binding for a quilt which looked great but to ages to make

  8. Lovely! The quilt on my bed that my mom/nana made has no border and I love it as is. You sometimes see it in my blog photos. I will be interested to see what you decide to do to finish your quilt! xx

  9. I absolutely adore this quilt and the way you've arranged the colours, it's beautiful! My Mum is currently making me a quilt for my bed with lots of hexagons. It took ages to decide on borders, but we decided on a trhree inch one and two, two inch ones. The first one (closest to quilt) is 3 inches of a solid colour, because all the hexagons have a pattern on them. We then decided to use some more patterned fabric, but with a small print to not detract from the quilt. You could pick one colour and do a border with it and in the corners do little squares of some of the fabrics, a different colour in each corner maybe. Looking forward to seeing what you decide to do! XxxX