Monday, 29 August 2016


I will hear none of this talk of summer being over, life here is still very green...

Lying in the park looking up at the trees.

Wild flowers on mass in a green park.

Picking green beans by the carrier bag.

Spinach ready for blanching, chopping and freezing ready for winter curries.

Runner beans are on the menu most nights as well as batches being blanched for the freezer.

The courgettes are prolific.

Bloke is still mowing the farm fields with his tractor.

The view from the cabin is still really green. Do you like the rail I put on the chair for Little M to hold the heavy binoculars steady?

A great August weekend visit to the Shrewsbury Vintage Steam Rally in the sunshine looking at the green nostalgia.

And just in case that non crafty gallery was not inspiring enough, I have chosen a knitting project to start when my shoulder is better - in green.

OK, so the styling includes a lot of brown... and twigs...and a rain hat but really? Autumn? pah!
Jo xxx

Ps. Thank you for all the lovely comments on my summer dress, I think that must be a comment record for me!


  1. I agree and your beans match that yarn colour I am renaming it bean green! xx

  2. There is at least three weeks of summer left in the traditional way of measuring seasons. The Met office though has it end at the end of August which is just silly. People welcome summer in when it is still spring and then chase it away too quickly.

  3. It will be summer here for loads longer, it is hot and humid at least for another 6 weeks! Love that yarn.

  4. I went for a walk today and kicked fallen leaves.... still, it is summery and warm and green and I am hanging on to it for as long as possible. x

  5. Great pics, summer is still here, I don't recognise Autumn till the leaves are orange and gold. Love that yarn, and the pattern.

  6. Ok you win it is still summer. The weather here certainly is like a hot steamy summer. Not ready to give up just yet. Love the sweater you've chosen for the green yarn. Do you like green by any chance?

  7. Glorious green, Jo! I like your clever chair rail, too :) and I hope your shoulder rapidly and completely heals so you can stitch your lovely green project to your heart's content. xx

  8. Lots of green !! I am also growing few vegetables in containers but my spinach leaves don't grow that big irrespective of whether it is hybrid or local variety.

  9. There is still plenty of green about but I am noticing subtle colour changes. I'm on a countdown to autumn as I love it so much. Very sweet picture of your daughter with the binoculars. x

  10. I'm with you on the seasons. I love summer and there could be many more weeks of summery weather still to come. The longer it lasts the better. I'm not keen on mists and mellow fruitfulness and I loathe the winter.

  11. Nope. Not pure summer. Not if the leaves are falling and my fingers are itching. I even had to light candles at home last night, dusk was that early. I'll let you away with calling this a transitional season, not screaming Summer and not pure Autumn. It's like a hybrid.

    The jumper looks fab; when will your shoulder be fixed?

  12. Amen to that. I've taken a cardie to work 3 days in a row and not had to wear it - that means it's definitely still summer!
    I am also tempted to break out some knitting though, just so I'm ready when autumn does arrive of course...