Friday, 19 August 2016

Remember These?

Did you ever make these paper beads as a child? I did.

I spent an afternoon with the girls and my god daughter making some today. It was such good fun and for a child project, very successful too.

I have a had a bad shoulder for three weeks and a visit to the chiropractor has finally put knitting and crochet off limits. It is tough but what is a crafty girl to do? Inspired by the kids crafting I made these necklaces last night for birthday presents.

You can get a tutorial here

Happy crafting. Jo xxxx


  1. Wow, that took me back a few years I can remember making bead with my daughters many moons ago. What fun. Hope your shoulder feels better soon, take care.

  2. Somehow or other I have missed making paper beads in my 65 years. I love seeing yours, and thank you for the instruction link! xx

  3. I do vaguely remember something similar from my childhood. The necklaces make lovely presents, I might have a dabble myself with some Christmas paper. Hope your shoulder feels better son x

  4. I loved making paper beads. I was a bit obsessed in the late 1980's making them with my mum / best friend!
    Hope your shoulder eases off soon ready for more crochet and sewing!

    1. About the same time as me then! I left school in 1989

  5. Hi Jo! I have missed all of your wonderful projects, your amazing trip and summer. So sorry about that. You have had some wonderful times and I am in awe of your energy. I have to say the girls are looking so much older, especially Big Sis!

  6. Jo I seemed to have completely missed this at school? must say they look good enough to eat, i will investigate xxxxx

  7. What wonderful beads! This is a really lovely project and they look delicious!
    Helen xox

  8. These are so cute, I never made these as a kid, but I wish I did! Sorry to hear about your shoulder, I hope it starts to feel better soon, try a heat pad/ hot water bottle if your muscles are sore, heat does wonders.