Friday, 10 June 2016

Fi Fi Pyjamas again

You were all right, her sister wanted a set too. Here is another Tilly and the Buttons Fifi set. I am thinking I would love a set myself now even though they do have to be bigger than size 8, substantially bigger, Ahem! 

This fabric was gifted to me in a stash clear out from Christina at A Colourful life. I didn't quite have enough for the cups because the pattern is cut on the bias so I went for a contrast piece from my patchwork box and it looks so pretty. If you only had a bit of liberty fabric left over, it would be ideal to use for the cups if you could find a coordinating fabric for the rest.

I must be in the mood for pink. The garden has gone all pink and frothy over the last few weeks even though it has changed again since I wrote this post on Monday. It is still full to bursting which means thankfully weeding is off the job list for the next few months. The garden is designed to need little maintenance by being full to the brim suppressing the weeds.

I tied my ceanothus to the wall in Winter and it is thriving alongside the pale pink aquilegia. I always try to visit a garden centre at different times of the year and choose a plant right in flower. That way there is always something bursting throughout most of the year, the garden is full now but I will probably need to get some of that blue knapweed out in late summer.

The forgetmenots are going over as the peonies make their blousy entrance. They have lasted well this week without being beaten down by wind or rain.

Next up are the roses, looking forward to those. In the meantime birthday presents are all covered and I can enjoy making more things indoors and out.

Thanks for stopping by. Jo x

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  1. Oh wow, your garden does look fab, full to the brim is what I need to aim for next year. I had forgotten about this fabric, what a great use for it. Thanks for the mention. Must return to my work now, and try not to give in to the temptation of sewing instead (so easy when working at home). Happy Friday!

  2. I don't understand gardening. If it is green that's all good and if it has a flower on it too, that's lovely. I work on the basis that nature can do its thing better than I can (it could hardly do worse).

    Love the combination of fabrics, they do look very pretty indeed. I would feel cold wearing the bottoms of this set, even in the middle of summer so I would require some pj bottoms to wear with the camisole top I think.

  3. These are gorgeous!!! Love them!

  4. Your garden is beautiful. This is for your daughter? Lucky girl. Perfect summer nightie. How is your cabin coming on?

  5. How great that you didn't have enough fabric, the contrast is so pretty.
    This is such a great time in the garden, everything suddenly starts to look pretty, and with the warm weather and downpours the plants thrive - it's all just so pretty! (overused word of the day - pretty)

  6. Gorgeous . I think I need a pair of Fifi's in my life x

  7. Such a beautiful contrast with the fabric, perfect for this summery nights. You certainly have a beautiful garden. Have a great weekend.

  8. Another lovely gift for a very lucky young girl

  9. Another pretty PJ set. I agree with other commenters that the gingham section really adds to the overall charm of the finished set!

  10. Lovely little pj set and the different fabric makes it extra pretty. Your garden looks that exuberance. Have a great weekend.
    Helen xox

  11. A lovely set! I like your idea of using small amounts of precious fabric to make them!

  12. I love seeing how your garden is growing, Jo! A lady who walked me around her garden last year mentioned that like you, she and her husband tried to visit the plant nursery in every season so that they could choose plants to give their garden interesting spots of color throughout the year...a new idea to me that I appreciate and am trying to keep in mind. Finding plants that are happy in our environment has been challenging, but I am having some successes this year with Sweet Peas and Holly Hocks for the first flowers yet, but they look promising! The sweet pj set is a lovely gift. xx