Friday, 3 April 2015

Hooray! Summer dress

OK so she hated the crochet version but then I was a dress behind in the whole sisterly-fairness thing so I made this one. She has been asking for it for ages because she liked the frilly sleeves.

The fabric is from Textile Express. It is a flippy viscose perfect for the fluted sleeves with a rolled hem edge.

I asked her to do a pose so she did a ballet one because that was the only one she knew. Aww!

The sleeves are fluted and are split nearly to the shoulder which you can't quite see. I used a the rolled hem foot on my machine for a quick even finish.

The dress is lined with a top stitched neckline. The button fastening is made from embroidery thread with hand stitched loops.

The equilibrium has been re-set. 

Sunshine please! Jo x


  1. Lovely :) Glad everyone is happy, dress-wise :)

  2. She looks very sweet in it and I love the little sleeves Jo ....... I can see she will wear it with pride, and rightly so! Clever Mum! xo

  3. It is so sweet! And she looks so happy with it!

  4. Isn't she just gorgeous in her new dress!
    Happy Easter,

  5. Bless, she is so sweet! Glad the equilibrium has been re-set. Have a lovely Easter weekend. xx

  6. Sweet! I admire the dress, the daughter and the Mum, Jo :) I'm glad your efforts have feelings more balanced around you! May you and yours be blessed always. xx