Sunday, 12 April 2015

Happy Weeks

What a happy couple of weeks I have had. Making things (obviously). I've been enjoying the company of our girls in the Easter Holidays along with good weather, rare. We stayed in a posh hotel with a swimming pool for a night and had a windy run on the beach which is a treat for us in landlocked Shropshire. However, I did have a bit of work thrown in for good financial measure and a teeny bit of sanity.

The Easter Holidays ended with a splendid blog meet up in Stratford-upon-Avon on Saturday organised by Gilly from Gilly makes. We went to Sew me Something haberdashery where I had already promised myself the Kate dress pattern after seeing the ones that Gilly had made.

In fact by Sunday I had made quite a start on the pattern, more on that another day.

We chatted about normal things like: using other peoples wheelie bins without asking, buying an overlocker out of someone else's money, how some men are good at taking blog photos and videos, hiring a pineapple for a dinner party, slug control; of course and a good old compare of crochet stylistics. It was fun and comforting to know that as a group of craft bloggers, we never ran out of topics of conversation the whole day.

There was exercise too, holding our own body temperature alone used up plenty of calories especially for those without a cardigan (you know who you are!)but the walk down to the River Avon gave us plenty of photo opportunities.

Lots of bloggers together seemed to end up with people taking photos of people taking photos of people taking photos of ducks but it was all jolly good fun all the same. Did I mention the gifts? We had lovely crafty gifts...

Jane from Plain Jane realised it was a rabbit after about 4 hours into the day but to be honest I was turning it round and round thinking 'where are the chicken's feet?' until, like a magic eye picture, a cute little Easter bunny appeared before my eyes. It is a fantastic little pressie, I love it. 

'Daisy' from Lazy Daisy Jones gave us funky crochet slugs while I had the pleasure of sitting next to her TOH, you may know him as Mr February, he was delightful company. The wonderful host herself handed out a pretty and useful pin cushion jar. I am so going to copy that idea for my auntie for her birthday.

Finally the juiciest cherry brooch from Amy at Love made my Home. She was the giggliest, most heartwarming person I have met in a long while. What a joy. I like to make people laugh but Amy was easy pickings for the whole day, I probably said too many swear words but I really enjoyed her company over afternoon tea. It was great to meet you Amy.

The last triumph for me after a brilliant couple of weeks was that on Sunday night Big Sis learnt to Treble crochet and my heart skipped a beat. She made a granny square and I had to coax her to bed because, just like her mum, she wanted to start a whole blanket at 7:15pm! I only have myself to blame.

Thank you Gilly for a fabulous blog meet up and to all the bloggers who were such great company but not mentioned here for fear of mixing them up all the wrong people with the wrong blogs!

Have a great week folks, whatever you are up to. 
Jo xxxx


  1. As the Bard himself might have said 'T'was a great day' and I just hope we can all do it again some time! Hope you got your train on time x Jane (Elephant garlic!)

  2. You sound full of beans Jo! Glad to hear you had a lovely few weeks. The blogger meet up sounds like a whole lot of fun! Have a great week! Back to routine! Bee xx

  3. Sounds like a brilliant day, I was so sad not to make it. And who is the lady in the red cardy at the back of the first group picture ? She is my double. Spooky. Or was it me there in spirit ?

  4. Ah man!!! How great is that!!!! SO glad you all met up and had such an awesome time!!! Wish I could have tagged along!! And way to go to your daughter!!! She is going to be a maker just like her mama! Such a lovely post about connecting and friendships!!! Have a great week Jo! Nicole xo

  5. Hi there, I'm so glad yu all met and had such a fantastic time together. I know the feeling. Every time I meet my blogging friends I feel just so light and happy. I love your yellow dress from your previous post... It looks GREAT on you and lastly I'm so happy for yo that yr daughter likes crochet, my daughter hates it at the moment. I hope someday,she,will change her mind...enjoy it. It is just fabulous that she likes something you alos enjoy :)

  6. Sounds like a wonderful day, I was extremely disappointed to miss out. Well done on your daughter with her granny square, no doubt she will make her blanket in no time! x

  7. Well done Big Sis, what an achievement. My Annie (11) can barely do a chain stitch because she doesn't like to be taught (told what to do). A lovely day out by the looks of it! I made a Kate dress before but promptly and irreversibly stained it the first time I wore it... enjoyable pattern! Cx

  8. It was so wonderful to meet you Jo! You didn't say any wrong words at all - only the right ones all day long! We really did have a good day didn't we! Let's hope we can do it again sometime. xx

  9. What a lovely time you had - sounds really good fun. Isn't nice to spend some time with your family.
    Caz xx

  10. Hooray! A first granny square is quite a significant moment in the life of a crafty child. Go H, Mary xxx

  11. lovely post Jo, my toh said the same about you....! Really lovely to meet you,although it would have been nice to have had a longer chat!
    bestest d x

  12. Oh goodness it sounds like just the very best time visiting with wonderful blog friends. I think Amy is terrific and I would love to meet up with all of you.
    Great presents.
    Hugs and I want that pattern after seeing Gilly's wonderful dresses.

  13. Yay for Big Sis ! :-) And thank you for coming along and sharing the day on Saturday - 'twas lovely to catch up as always, and I'm researching the next one already... there may be a train involved, toot-toot...
    Looking forward to seeing your Kate too,
    have a lovely week, xx

  14. The material you are using for your Kate dress is stunning, Jo! I look forward to seeing the finished product :) I'm glad you had fun at your blogger gathering; I have loved the gatherings I have attended. It is great that Big Sis is crocheting!!! So far my granddaughter Hayley has just made a chain, but I have hopes she will do more. I will have to show her the photo of Big Sis in this post and see if she will be inspired :) xx