Saturday, 25 April 2015

Accidental blanket and matching toy

I accidentally started making a blanket. I didn't mean to but all that knitting woe in March made me want to succeed at something. I have sorted the purple leftovers into a summer dress top and the red school cardigan is or course finished so just the man knit to regain motivation on.

I have wanted to try the clamshell crochet stitch from Cherry Heart for a while now but couldn't face a massive blanket project. My cousin revealed to me that she is having a baby girl so I thought a car-seat-pram sized baby blanket would be the perfect size to try out.

After about three rows I turned off the tablet thinking I knew the pattern. I crocheted on only to realise I had been doing it wrong but I liked the jelly bean effect so I made a clamshell stitch on the top and bottom to get away with it. Can you spot it?

The yarn is a dent on the last of the Art if knitting yarn I was given a couple of years ago by my mum's friend so it is a freebie pressie which was ultimately satisfying to make. 

But you know, as ever there are still scraps. I hate putting scraps away so I made this too on the train to Stratford the other week while a small nine year old boy watched me then I taught him to read a crochet pattern because he could already crochet!! I know amazing... he actually understood it and read out the decreases as I did them on the head. I let him stuff the head because he was so keen. Talking of scraps..

Ahh, so that is why I kept that teeny bit of black yarn...for eyes on toys. I wondered what it was doing in there.

She is really rather lovely. I am a bit picky about hand knit toys but this one is a corker. You can get this giraffe pattern free from Ravelry HERE. This one is for Little M because I promised it her ages ago. She has called it Gerry.

Jo xx


  1. Love them both. I love that the babies of today get a big choice of colour, not just pink and blue.
    And Gerry is gorgeous!

  2. You work so quickly I can't keep up with you, very impressive. I love both the blanket and the toy, delightful.

  3. What a beautiful little blanket, Jo, and Gerry the giraffe is just as cute as can be! Amazing ... about that little boy! xo

  4. A wonderful toy and a beautiful blanket. I love the story of the little boy on the train reading the pattern and stuffing the head. A fun trip for him.
    Hugs to you,

  5. That is a gorgeous giraffe. My daughter would have loved that when she was younger. As for the blanket, I spotted the different stitches but only because you encouraged me to look for them. This looks like a really practical blanket.

  6. Beautiful blanket and the giraffe is so cute! :)

  7. You are one talented lady! I've tried to do 3d crochet but all I can manage at the moment is blankets. Well done on such beautiful projects. Judy.

  8. Love the blanket design! I'm always thinking I know the pattern, stop looking it completely wrong. Unfortunately mine does not turn into a new unique pattern like yours but ends up having to be unravelled! That's great about the 9 year old boy-how great that he could crochet! xx

  9. Beautiful blanket and darling toy. I'm out blog walking...too rainy to walk outside and am enjoying finding more knitters and crocheters who blog.

  10. Too cute! Your cousin will treasure these gifts!

  11. Too cute! Your cousin will treasure these gifts!

  12. So gorgeous. The blanket works just fine and I wouldn't notice any difference even when you pointed out out. The tot is great too. I'm not great at crocheting toys. Knitted a few but not crochet. She's lovely.

  13. Gerry is brilliant. Short for Geraldine perhaps ?
    Have a great week :)
    ps have sourced mans old Tshirt for transformation into a top. Still trying to psych myself up for it lol

  14. I like the jelly bean effect too - you have created your own new crochet stitch! I love the colours too.
    What a clever boy on the train - his mum or gran must be ardent crocheters!
    Caz xx

  15. I love that you got chatting to a boy on a train and he helped you with your crochet - that is too cute for words. Excellent blanket (I didn't notice the pattern difference) but Gerry wins hands down, what a great pattern and the colours work well. x